What to Include with the Sales Letter!

Wait, don’t mail that letter yet!

Why waste your time and efforts when you can include some additional sales material.

Include a self-addressed stamped return envelope or reply card for quick, easy action on the part of the reader. Add a sheet with testimonials from happy, satisfied clients as reference for you and your products.

You want to sell yourself and your service.

Some other items to add are business cards – one for the reader and one or more for their spouse and friends and a mini-biography of you with a short resume and photo so that you won’t be a “stranger” any longer.

Add a current newsletter with company and product information so that you establish a firm foundation for business. Add a small wallet-sized calendar with your contact information on it and a handy ruler or holiday reminder on the back.

Office supply stores like Viking Office Products sell bulk generic 2-inch X 3 ” -inch adhesive-backed magnetic calendars and notepads. Simply attached your business card to the adhesive area and mail.

Add some “grabbers.” Bottom line: people like to receive a “package” in the mail with goodies, so include some. Say, “Thanks a million!” by adding a Million Dollar Bill to the envelope.

A crisp, new bill will definitely open some eyes! And motivation will send your readers hustling to find out what the letter is all about.

Million Dollar Bills always work well.

Try a customized package. Many people do not want to compare pricing and features, so see if you CAN offer them a better deal and show them a customized comparison sheet.

Who has time like that today?

Here’s a unique marketing idea for you: Send a package with a cheap kid’s watch from one of those gumball machines made of plastic. Include a couple old dollar bills from a Monopoly game inside a tiny plastic trash can from one of those dime stores. And send a sales letter with this theme:

STOP Throwing your money away!
Take a TIME OUT and call me TODAY!

You’ll have to tweak it a little bit.

You could even send a file with a Million Dollar Bill and a watch taped inside along with your sales letter packaged in a manila envelope. When the reader opens the file, they could find a sales letter themed:

OPEN your folder today! Take a TIME
OUT and save BIG Money by calling me TODAY!

Include a PS that tells readers they do NOT have to do a lot research in order to do business with you. YOU will happily do all the work! Place a big, red “X” on the cover of that folder you send.

Hope you enjoyed this one. Look for more in your email soon!

Brian Maroevich

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