Web Designer Sales Letter

In a moment I am going to show you a web designer sales letter. But first, if you are a local internet marketer looking for local small business clients, there are a plethora of webmaster marketing strategies you can implement including:

  • Pay Per Click
  • Local SEO
  • Video
  • Social Media
  • And my favorite method: Direct Mail.

If you are looking for a sample webmaster marketing letter this is a good starting point because it’s professional, but not too boring.

However, it’s missing a few things which I describe at the end…

Sample Web Designer Sales Letter:

Dear (Name),

In today’s robust e-commerce environment, businesses can no longer compete effectively unless they have a well-designed, interactive website. Given that some studies suggest that Internet sales will increase to $443 billion or 9.2% of all sales by 2015, businesses can no longer afford to ignore the marketing power of this powerful tool.

A high-quality website offers the following advantages:

  • Your potential customers are able conduct business whenever it is convenient for them. With a well-designed website, your business is open 24 hours a day.
  • Consumers have more confidence in businesses that have a web presence. They can learn about your products and services, your company’s structure, your civic involvement, your awards and your customer-service policies.
  • With a website, you have the opportunity to brand your business with your own domain name.
  • Since websites can be designed to be fluid and interactive, you can learn about your target market and engage them in conversations about their needs and expectations.
  • Websites help retain existing customers by providing easily-accessed customer service.
  • Through well-written website blogs, you can become a resource to the public. Articles relevant to your industry will give visitors a reason to return to your site and possibly convert from visitors to customers.

In business for (number of years), (Name of Company) designs and builds top-quality, SEO-friendly, custom websites that include e-commerce solutions, content management systems and trouble-free website hosting. Our designs are fully functional and easily navigated.

We take pride in our team of highly-skilled professionals who understand the importance of building your brand recognition and driving traffic to your site. And just as importantly, all of our services are competitively priced.

Please call us at (phone #) or email us at (email address) so that we can arrange a meeting to discuss your unique needs and expectations. You can feel confident that we hold your best interests at heart. We know that your success is our success! Do not delay!


Your Name

What you need to do with this letter:

1. Put a picture of yourself at the very beginning next to…

2 A headline. You need to put a headline on this letter. Your headline should be a big promise like, ‘Guaranteed First Page On Google’s Local Search Results Or My Services Are FREE!’

3. PS. Every letter should have a PS which is where you repeat your offer in a different way.

4. Follow up. You should follow up with a second and third letter which are more engaging. In other words, use a ‘grabber’.

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