The Million Dollar Bill Sales Letter!

Many moons ago, Robert Collier created the first dollar bill letter. And he used it during the 1920’s! Yes, that’s right. During the 1920’s he attached a dollar bill to thousands for sales letters which were marketing a non-profit organization.

In the 1920’s, a dollar was worth a little more then $11. So including printing and postage he spent, in today’s dollars approximately $11.50 per letter.

Astounding. But he got a 90% response rate so it was a massive success.
Read more about Robert Collier here.

Today, using a dollar bill on a letters is still expensive, especially since response rates just aren’t as good as they were centuries ago…

Click here for an example of a ‘Million Dollar Bill Real Estate Prospecting Letter’.

So, what do you do? How do you increase response rates to your sales letters without spending a fortune? The answer is to use high impact ‘grabbers’ like a million dollar bill!

Million dollar bills are low cost, high impact promotional items that will probably boost response rates to any sales letter. Maybe even more so than a dollar bill.

Here is an example of an older million dollar bill letter advertising a phone quote service (this letter needs to be edited slightly and updated, and is for illustration purposed only. For a really solid marketing sequence using this type of promotional item read this):

one million

Dear {Name},

As you can see I’ve attached a Genuine Looking Million Dollar Bill to the top of this letter.

Why have I done this?

Actually there are two reasons…

1. What I have to tell you is important and I wanted to be sure to get your attention,

2. Because I help business owners save up to {71%} on annual insurance expenses I thought a Million Dollar Bill would be an appropriate eye catcher.

If you’re like most business owners, you’re probably too busy “putting out fires”, dealing with employee issues and working long hours to even begin to think about saving money on insurance.

That’s why I have developed a FREE No Obligation Phone Quote service that only takes 5 or 10 minutes and is guaranteed to save you at least 25% on your insurance this year.

{Save Up To 71%! (use an exceptional figure like this and tie it in with one of your testimonials below)}

I might be able to uncover an ENORMOUS savings for you just like I did for these clients:

  • {Testimonial} (tie in the 71% savings in one of these testimonials…use specific money savings and/or percentages with name of customer and phone number if possible on all of them.)}
  • {Testimonial}
  • {Testimonial}

Let me help you save an exceptional amount of money. My FREE No Obligation Phone Quote service will only take 5 or 10 minutes of your time. I’ll call you {or my assistant will call you} {Wednesday at 9:20am}. Please forward the Million Dollar Bill to your assistant and let them know I’ll be calling.

Or, if you would like your FREE No Obligation Phone Quote right away call my office at xxx-xxxx anytime.

In fact, I’m so convinced I can help save you money on your insurance that it comes with this unprecedented guarantee:

100% Guaranteed To Save You Money

If I can’t save you at least 25% on your insurance without sacrificing the quality of insurance, I’ll write you or your favorite charity a $50 check with no questions asked. How’s that?

Also, just for taking the time to get your FREE Quote I’ll send you a (name of high perceived value gift). It’s absolutely FREE and there’s no obligation to buy from me.


{Your Name}

PS: Remember, my FREE No Obligation Phone Quote service will help you save hundreds maybe thousands of dollars – I absolutely GUARANTEE it!

{Member of the Name Of City Chamber Of Commerce,
The Better Business Bureau, and The 5 Star Business Review.}

You can buy these million dollar bills here, or if you want to use Thanks A Million Thank You Cards you can get them here.


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