The Dollar Bill Letter!

The original one dollar bill marketing letter was written by Robert Collier, and in his must read (and study like a maniac over and over) he claims that he got a 90% return rate for a charity sales letter.

Since that time a handful of marketers copied his idea to market local businesses, and products and services of all kinds.

The most recent examples I’ve seen using a dollar bill sales letter is for selling local webmaster services, carpet cleaning, financial planning, and now construction. I even saw a book at a local bookstore enclosing a dollar bill in the cover of their book which was about how to fold a dollar bill into all kinds of cool things (Origami).

I am sure there are dozens of other industries using it as well.

A Sample One Dollar Bill Marketing Letter For A Contractor or Construction Company:

Here is an example of how to write a letter using a dollar bill to ‘grab the attention’ of your prospect (you should always send a second and third follow up letter, postcard, or package to your prospects. Never send just one letter)…

one dollar bill

Dear Friend,

You are probably wondering why I have attached a $1 bill to this letter. I did this because, in today’s economy, we are all focused on the value of every dollar. Your mailbox is probably full of sales letters and ads, and you will most likely throw most of them away.

Instead of tossing this one, fold the $1 bill and put it safely in your wallet. Or better yet, place it on your desk where you will see it every morning. You ask, “Why?”

Well…because it is a reminder of how hard you work to earn that dollar and because it is a symbol of prudent spending.

If you are a homeowner, you already know that home improvement and home remodeling are the most practical ways that you can maximize the comfort and beauty of your existing home.

You know your home’s features…its strong points and its quirks. You’ve lived in it long enough to understand what needs to be done to make it perfect.

Rather than trying to navigate the complex process of buying a new home in today’s lending maize, you know there is no better time to create the home you have always wanted.

As one of the Bay area’s most trusted construction companies, (name) offers you a wide range of building and remodeling options:

Maybe you want to focus on your kitchen or bathroom? Maybe you would like to replace your windows with energy-efficient alternatives or extend your living area outside by building a custom deck? Or you may even want to build a whole new addition to your home?

With customer satisfaction as a top priority and whatever the size of your project, (name) will deliver the highest quality work that will fit within your budget. We understand that remodeling your home can be a stressful time.

Our team of professionals will take the time to work closely with you throughout the whole process. We pride ourselves on honesty, integrity and top quality craftsmanship.

Do not trust your home to anyone but us. Give us a call at (phone #). We will set up an initial consultation and will provide you with a menu of affordable options to give your home that special new look you have always wanted.


Your Name

PS: Here’s what clients in your area are saying about us:

  • Testimonial
  • Testimonial
  • Testimonial

Additional Marketing Tips For This Dollar Bill Marketing Letter:

This dollar bill letter for a construction company is a soft sell letter, and as mentioned above your should send a second and third letter in the sequence that hits them a bit harder with an offer for a free audit or bid.

Another idea would be to include a refrigerator magnet with this letter feels ‘lumpy’ which dramatically increases response rates because of the curiosity factor.

Plus, the magnet (or pen or whatever you include) will give your business more visibility which can lead to new business over time.

For something that is just as powerful try this ‘grabber’ as an alternative.

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  1. What do you write on the outside of the envelope to let them know there is a dollar bill inside? Should I worry that any outside markings about a dollar bill inside will keep the mail from being delivered (since it’ll be stolen for the money, perhaps?)

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