Sales Letter Turns Business Problems Into Profits!

You can use a sales letter to turn a business problem into profits. Just about any problem can be flipped around to get more customers in the door and to get current customers to buy more products and services from you.

I have a real life example to share with you. We used to own tanning and spa businesses with spray tanning machines. The machines we owned were called MyMyst by Mystic Tan.

We had a massive problem with our MyMyst Booths. They were not working properly. Sometimes they worked, and sometimes they didn’t. It got so bad that customers were actually calling in before their appointments to be sure they were working properly.

So after we finally got some good news from Mystic Tan (see the letter), we turned it around to benefit ourselves and our customers.

Every business has it’s problems. And there is almost always a way to turn the tables on a problem and turn it into an advantage.

Problems Into Profits Sales Letter Example!

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Sales Letter For A Clothing Store!

You want to write a sales letter for a clothing store that will attract new clients but you’re not sure how to do it. I know, you have all kinds of fantastic dresses, tops, jeans, and much more at great prices, but you don’t know how to explain all this to your potential customers in a way that will get them to come to your store.

Or, maybe you have high end clothes and want to get wealthy people into your store to buy something.

I know it can be frustrating writing a clothing store sales letter so let me help you with some tips and a sample letter.

Before You Send Your Sales Letter For A Clothing Store You Have To Identify Your Target Audience First.

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New Product Sales Letter!

In this new product sales letter example I am using a new beauty product as the subject. I created a make believe new anti aging cream and quickly wrote some ad copy to promote it.

The letter needs a little work but it does serve as a good model or starting point for a project that I may be working on soon. Please read the letter and leave your comments or suggestions, or model it for your own new beauty product promotion.

If I get enough comments on it I’ll write another one below it promoting a totally different product.

New Beauty Product Sales Letter Sample!

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Graphic Design Sales Letter!

A graphic design sales letter should not be loaded with samples of your work. In fact, less is better.

A letter should focus more on explaining the benefits of your services rather than showing how great you are at graphic design.

Certainly people want to see your work. But you also need to guide your audience to take action and call you or hire you (or ad themselves to your mailing list, request more information etc.) This requires you to provide your prospective clients a reason why they should call you, hire you, or get your freebie.

Graphic Design Sales Letter Sample!

Recipients Name
City, State Zip

Dear (Name),

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Interior Design Sales Letter!

A well written Interior Design sales letter can help you grow your client base. But it must be mailed to the right list.

Be sure to read the Interior Design marketing tips below after you read the marketing letter.

Interior Design Sales Letter Example!

Recipients Name
City, State, Zip

Dear Name,

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SEO Sales Letter Samples!

You might be surprised to know that a seo sales letter can be an effective client attraction tool.

You probably think you need to focus your attention online to get new clients. But that’s what everyone else is doing. I’m not saying you should stop using online marketing tools. I am saying that since everyone else is focused online you can take advantage of this and use direct mail because you’ll have less competition in your prospects mailbox.

You should test direct mail to a well selected group of businesses because most people in your business are not using it, or if they are they are not doing it right.

SEO Sales Letter Sample!

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Cleaning Business Marketing Letters!

Cleaning business marketing letters (for use with direct mail) can be as effective or even more effective than word of mouth and the Internet to attract new clients.

If you use direct mail properly and in conjunction with your online methods (including email) you should see a steady stream of new business. You might even get more business than you can handle.

Most maid service and house cleaning businesses simply list their services on a piece of paper and hope to get a call.  But if you attempt to hit some emotional hot buttons then you may get a better response.

The first letter below is a good example of how to use emotion (the benefits of saving time) to get people drawn into your letter and to hopefully respond.

Take look at the letters and then be sure to read the additional marketing tips below them.

Cleaning Business Marketing Letters (Samples)!

Recipients Name
City, State, Zip

Dear (Name),

I know how busy you can get. You have chores to do, a dog to walk, friends to see, laundry to fold, dishes to be scrubbed, and the list goes on and on.

So let me help you free up some of your valuable time by doing the house cleaning for you.

My name is (Name) and I own (Name Of Business). Myself and my staff are highly trained home cleaning experts and we are very flexible when it comes to scheduling around your needs. 

We can dust, vacuum, mop, clean, tidy your things up, change your bed sheets and linen, make beds, clean your kitchen, clean your refrigerator and oven, and more. And we will clean your home in a friendly and comfortable manner.

Whether you need a regular mini-cleaning, a super deep cleaning, or a little bit of both, we will gladly take care of it for you and go the extra mile to be sure you are more than satisfied with the results.

Please look us up on Yelp or Google and you’ll see we have the best ratings from clients in (Name of City).

Myself and my staff will do everything you need us to do to help you get some of your valuable time back so you can do more of the things you want to do. Maybe you’ll even finish up that project you wanted to work on in the garage.

If you would like more free time and you want to come home to a tidy, freshly cleaned and deodorized home, please call me at 555-555-5555 to schedule a mutually convenient time to meet and go over you cleaning needs.

I look forward to meeting you!

Business Name
Contact Information

PS: Use the coupon that is enclosed to get an extra 27.5% off your first super cleaning or regular mini-cleaning cleaning (please note that there is an expiration date on the coupon so don’t wait too long!)

Promotional Item ‘Grabber’ House Cleaner Sales Letter Example!

The example below is using what’s called a ‘grabber’ on the letter (or in the envelope) to grab the attention of the reader.

They are proven to improve response to marketing campaigns because they draw people in by their uniqueness and ‘wow’ factor.

People often use promotional items as grabbers like the one used as an example below. Not only does it grab attention but it’s also a useful item that has a long shelf life (it has your business name and contact information on it).

There are thousands of grabbers and promotional items you can use in your marketing. The one in the letter below is an example only. You can try any other lower cost alternative. Just be sure to tie in the grabber (promotional item) with your marketing message.

Recipients Name
City, State, Zip

Dear (Name),

As you can see I’ve attached a digital clock to this letter. Why have I done this? Actually there are two reasons:

1. I have something very important to tell you and I wanted to some way to grab your attention.

2. Since what I want to tell you is about saving time I thought that this clock was particularly appropriate.

Would you like some extra time to do get some projects done, play a round of golf, or enjoy some ‘me time’? If the answer is an emphatic ‘Yes’ then I have good news for you.

As you are probably well aware, cleaning the house and tidying up is a time consuming, labor intensive chore that requires regular attention. Please allow myself and my staff to take this burden off your shoulders so that you can get some valuable time back and enjoy yourself more.

My name is (Name) and I am the owner of (Name of Cleaning Business). Myself and my staff are highly trained, reliable, and friendly house cleaning specialists with an impeccable track record. For example:


As you can see we are very good at what we do, trustworthy, and as flexible as you need us to be, and we clean in a friendly and comfortable manner.

We can do a regular mini-cleaning or a super deep cleaning on a weekly, or bi-monthly basis. And if you just need a one time cleaning we can do that as well.

Please call me at 555-555-5555 anytime 24 hours and so that we can schedule a time to discuss your cleaning needs, or if you need us right away I can arrange that too. Whatever you need.

I look forward to meeting you!


Business Name
Contact Information

PS: Use the coupon that is enclosed to get an extra 27.5% off your first super cleaning or regular mini-cleaning (please note that there is an expiration date on the coupon so don’t wait too long!)

Cleaning Business Marketing Tip!

  • Before you mail anything make sure you buy a high quality, targeted mailing list. For example, you probably want to target people who own homes. These people usually have money. If you choose the right age group then they are also probably busy professionals.
  • Try niche marketing. For example, instead of just targeting homeowners try targeting a group of people who share something in common. If you are targeting people in a small city then you should choose a niche that is likely to have a lot of people in it. For example, if you target airline pilots the list will probably be very tiny (but you never know). But there are probably a lot of contractors in just about any town or city. Here’s another way to look at this; perhaps you have a hobby and you can write a letter to people in your area who are also interested in that hobby. Maybe you like crochet, tennis, biking, or playing guitar? Another example: target realtors. They always need people to clean the homes for open houses and clients who are moving.
  • Adjust your letter (the content, or ad copy) to your niche group and test a mailing to them.
  • Don’t mail once and forget about it. Mail to your list two to four times in a sequence. For example, The first letter has a coupon in it and it has an expiration date. Mail once per week or every two weeks right up until the deadline on the coupon, and refer to this deadline in your letter.
  • Keep everyone who is interested in your services, current clients, past clients, etc. on a mailing list and send them an offer and/or a newsletter once per month.
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Commercial Real Estate Prospecting Letters!

Using commercial real estate prospecting letters to generate leads through direct mail is a very smart choice.

Most agents and business brokers are sticking to email and online marketing. Since more people are relying on the Internet for their marketing there is less clutter in your prospects mailbox. This means that your marketing message will stand out more than it did prior to the popularity of online marketing.

Plus, nothing will ever replace a real piece of paper with your actual signature. It’s more personal than email and therefore it will make a bigger impact than a simple email.

Don’t get me wrong, you should continue with online marketing because it works and it’s relatively low cost (relatively speaking). But if you take the time to combine it with offline direct mail marketing, and you do it properly, you should see quality results.

6 Tips For Commercial Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing!

1. Find a good list. Make sure it’s an up to date list and it’s highly qualified for your purposes.

2. Keep it pithy. Don’t write a super long and boring letter.

3. Don’t put your logo on the envelope. It says ‘junk mail’ and it gets trashed before it’s even opened.

4. Sequence. Don’t send one letter and give up. Send a series of letters and postcards. Some of the best letter systems use a sequence of three to four letters sequenced 7-10 days apart. All non responders get a mailing every month.

5. Lumpy mailings. Consider putting a promotional item in your envelope in at least one of your mailings. This makes your envelope look and feel lumpy. It’s proven to increase open rates. Plus, you have the added benefit of getting your name in front of your prospect for weeks and months if you use a promotional item that has a long shelf life.

6. Send a newsletter. After you send your sequence of mailings and perhaps another followup letter or postcard, send a monthly newsletter. I am constantly harping on using this method because it’s a great tool and nobody is doing it!

Customized Sample Prospecting Letter For Commercial Realtors!

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Homeowners Insurance Prospecting Letter!

Can homeowners insurance prospecting letters generate qualified leads?

The problem that most agents have with insurance sales letters is that they don’t make the time to write them and mail them.

There is also another problem in the industry as a whole. Most agencies only send one letter to a list and if it doesn’t work they say to themselves, ‘marketing insurance through the mail does not work’.

Perhaps the solution is you need to send more than one letter and follow up consistently. I know, it sounds expensive and time consuming. But if you mail a sequence of letters to a well researched and highly qualified mailing list, and if you send all non responders a followup mailing (newsletters are best), you may find that it’s a very viable marketing medium (direct mail).

Homeowners Insurance Sales Prospecting Letter Sample!

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Commercial Cleaning Janitorial Sales Letter!

A janitorial sales letter can be a great workhorse for your business. It’s like having a bunch of tiny little sales people prospecting for new clients for you but you don’t have to look over their shoulder every day.

I have friends in the commercial and industrial Janitorial business. They do well and rely on their sales staff to get new business in the door. It seems to work for them.

But if they used a system of marketing letters that target the businesses they want to get as clients they could save a bit of money on sales staff and even make their job a bit more fun.

Anyway, the trick here is to send a series of prospecting letters and then follow up on the phone.

If you are not following up on then you’ll need to tweak your sales letter and include a special offer with an expiration date. Each follow up letter should refer to the expiration date.

Anyone who does not respond should be on your mailing list. Mail them a postcard and/or a letter every month or every other month (a newsletter is an even better tool).

Sample Janitorial Sales Letter:

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