Lead Generation Advertising Basics!

Two step lead generation is a proven way to generate new clients for any business.

The main difference between a lead generation advertisement and a regular ad is that a lead generation ad is not designed to sell anything (and it can easily be modified for online advertising). It is aimed specifically at prospects. Good prospects. Its sole purpose is to generate leads. It works like this.

Here’s how it works:

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Free Recorded Message and 24 Hour Voicemail Marketing

Funny thing about free recorded message marketing is that most people think that it’s dead. And that’s exactly why you should do it and include it in your marketing. At least test it.

Side Bar: Most people think that since there is such a mass exodus from direct mail to the internet and mobile phone marketing (apps and mobile websites) that they should not use direct mail. But that is, again, exactly why you should use it. Most businesses are not, and if they are they are not doing it well.

What To Put On Your 24 Hour Voicemail Message:

Here’s a few samples messages you  can test on your voicemail greeting (see below for even better ideas): Continue reading Free Recorded Message and 24 Hour Voicemail Marketing