Job Prospecting Letter!

A job prospecting letter, also known as a letter of interest, is a tool used to uncover employment opportunities by targeting the business you are interested in working for and sending them a letter (three examples are below). It is not a cover letter.

A letter of interest explains why they (the potential employer) should interview you and consider you for a position in their company.

A cover letter is something that describes the contents of another document, namely a resume. It’s usually a boring form letter that does very little in terms of actually selling your skills and talents.

How To Mail and Follow Up On Your Job Prospecting Letter / Inquiry Letter!

First, you have to find the name and title of the person you want to send your letter to. This person must be in charge of hiring, or at least have a great deal of influence when it comes hiring. Continue reading Job Prospecting Letter!

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Job Prospecting Letter Sample!

Looking for a job that you want requires several prospecting techniques. One of these techniques includes a job prospecting letter.

One reason you need a letter is because you want to warm your target hiring manager or business owner up prior to cold calling them.

You might be thinking, ‘Why should I send a letter when I can simply go to a job site and submit my resume?’ The reason is because you might want to work somewhere that is not posting jobs online at the moment and in order to get a better shot at getting a job at this company you need to stay top of mind when they are looking for someone with your skills.

In this case you would send a letter. But you won’t send a job prospecting letter just once. You need to send a letter every two weeks or every month in order to keep in front of them.  Continue reading Job Prospecting Letter Sample!

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