Appointment Follow Up Letters!

If you are setting appointments with prospects and not using letters to confirm the appointment and thanking them for the meeting you are missing a good opportunity to make contact and build your professional relationship.

Using appointment follow up letters will result it better business relationships which result in more referrals and sales, and you’ll have fewer no-shows and cancellations which is a huge frustration and a waste of your time.

Many sales reps use the phone to confirm appointments, which is fine. But you should also send a letter. It shows that you are professional and that you take the extra time to care for your clients and your business.

You can also use it as an opportunity to include a promotional item that can be of use to your potential clients like pens, cups, usb drives, magnets etc. These promotional items will have your company name or your name on them and you’ll keep your brand top of mind.

Confirming The Appointment Follow Up Letter!

June 01, 2020
Recipients Name
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Dear Recipient’s Name:

Recognizing your busy schedule, I’m sending you this note as a reminder of our appointment on August 21 at 2pm at my office. Continue reading Appointment Follow Up Letters!

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How To Mail Your Sales Letters!

The best way to mail your sales letters is as follows:

Send them 7-10 days apart and follow up on the phone (to businesses) after the million dollar bill letters is sent, or whatever grabber you choose as your final letter.

You will make a bigger impact if you send the final grabber letter by priority mail or fed ex.

The way I mail sales letters

  • If I were just starting out I would send just 20-100 letters per week. I would send a series of three letters, and then follow up. I would send the letters 7-10 days apart and send the last one priority mail, fed ex, or dhl. Your costs will be high but if you do a good job on your letters and follow up, one new client could pay for it all and more.
  • Test small at first. Maybe do 10-20 if you use the more expensive approach. Test calling or showing up in person. Getting a hold of local business owners is a challenge. I know because we own to spa’s. We get calls, emails, and letters every single day. And it’s annoying.

A Better Idea?

Another idea is to mix up your sequence and include email in it which is easy and free.

I have a program we are marketing to local business owners. We walked door to door (my wife did), and also did cold emails. We did get a decent response to the email! But it took weeks in some cases to actually connect with some business owners, so you have to be persistent with your marketing and follow up. One sequence will not do the trick.

The way I will do it next time is follow up with a personalized video with you on it using the business owners name as you speak about the benefits of your program. A guy did this to get me interested in his program right at the time I was wondering about whether it was a good lead generation technique. But of course you have to take into consideration your margins and time. So if you are going to net quite a bit from one client then it is probably something to explore.

So here is how I will send my letters and emails:

  • Send Letter 1
  • Send Letter 2 (7 – 10 days later)
  • Email – Video 1 (7 – 10 days later)
  • Phone call or walk in as described in my letter to the prospect.

If they do not convert or I can’t get a hold of them I will…

  • Send Letter 3 with promotional item (pen, magnet, something unique).
  • Send a postcard 2 weeks later.
  • Send an Email – Custom Video 2

If they do not convert I will mail a monthly newsletter that has success stories, tips, and ideas.

If you are on a budget and cannot afford direct mail then send a custom video sequence. Send two or three videos and then follow up on the phone or walk into the business.

Getting Interest

The best way to get a business owners INTERESTED is too keep your unique sales proposition simple and easy to understand.

For example, ask yourself the following questions: What is it? and How Will It Benefit Me now? How Much Is It? Is It Proven?


How To Mail Your Sales Letters (Just Direct Mail) In 4 Simple Steps:

The following steps should be followed to the “T”. Don’t change anything or make assumptions you are not sure about.

  • Write two letters prior to sending the letter on the next page. The first letter should be an introduction letter. The second letter should be a harder hitting sales letter that is close to the language in the last letter (on the following page). OK, you don’t have to write two letters, but if you want maximum results it’s highly recommended.
  • Use a high grade of paper (watermark is great).
  • Send your letters in a regular white envelope.
  • Don’t put your business name or logo on the return address; use your name and address, or just your address.
  • Don’t use address labels. Hand address your envelopes or use laser printed addresses directly onto the envelope.
  • Use a first class postage stamp.

Follow up with a call and reference the million dollar bill first (or use some other type of “grabber” like coins, foreign currency, a magnifying glass, a dollar bill, etc.). Then reference your service, then set tons of appointments or make gobs of sales!

Note: If you are using a ‘money-saving approach’ where your unique sales proposition is that you will save your prospect X%, do not expect a big response. This is basically product marketing – like selling life insurance or car insurance…

Product marketing is very difficult because you are perceived as marketing a commodity, which in turn lowers response and may create lower quality leads. Also, I can’t guarantee this will work for you because frankly, I don’t know how enthusiastic you are about your career, how hard you work, and if you follow directions well.

Trade Show Follow Up Letter Sample

tradeshow passTrade show marketing can fun lucrative if you do it right. And having a sound, proven trade show marketing plan is key to your success in generating leads and closing sales.

One of the tools you’ll need is a trade show follow up letter with prospects you met and gathered contact information from.

I’ll leave all the details on how to properly generate qualified leads for a later date. But for now I want to show you a sample follow up letter for a salon and spa tradeshow. Keep in mind that you can model this letter for any industry. And also keep in mind that you should have a sequenced follow up. Don’t just send one letter. Use a sequence of letters and postcards (and phone and email followup as well) until they buy.

Trade Show Thank You Follow Up Letter Example! Continue reading Trade Show Follow Up Letter Sample

How To Follow Up on Referrals and Referred Leads!

Here is a creative and effective way to warm up referrals and referred leads.


Edited Transcript of The Referred Leads Letter Video Above:

In the first video I showed you how to use a grabber to enhance response to your prospecting or lead generation efforts

In that first video I showed you an actual example of a letter that you could use for prospecting. In other words pre-approach letters, if you’re going after appointments. And also you can use it and tweak it for lead generation where somebody sends in a return reply response or call a recorded message and things of that nature.

So you can use that letter in that first video for just about anything when it comes to lead generation or prospecting. But the main example I wanted to show you was how to use a grabber. Meaning, something that grabs the reader’s attention and gets them to want to read the letter and therefore improve response rates.

So that was just a short recap of that first video. In this video I’m going to show  you how to use that same grabber, and once again, you can use any grabber as I explained in the first video. You can use things like fake money coins, band-aids, giant paper clips, anything you can think of. The main key here is to tie in your grabber with your offer. You don’t want to just throw in any old grabber just for the sake of somebody opening the envelope and then getting them to read your letter. It’s got a tie in with your offer.

So in this example I wanted to show you how to use a pre approach letter to referred leads. This is going to tie in directly with the other video that you may or may not have seen yet, where I show you how to get referred leads, bunches of them, and you can literally start getting referred
leads instantly so you should watch that video if you haven’t yet.

So let me read this letter to you and we’ll break it down just a little bit. We use the grabber. It’s a Jewelers loop…

Dear name [So this is going to be the actual prospects a name. You have to use a real name. You don’t have to but you should because if it says dear friend or something like that it’s going to indicate that you don’t know who they are, so I’m trying to sell you something. You want to personalize it.]

I am writing you because your friend and business associate miss name said that you might be interested in my wealth engineering program [I used wealth engineering, you can use any description of what you do here]

But first let me explain why I enclosed a [name of grabber in this case it’s a jeweler’s loupe to this letter or why I attached a jeweler’s loupe] is used to
identify and help assess the value of a stone. The exceptional magnification of a jeweler’s loupe can reveal internal flaws and surface blemishes on exotic
stones that are not apparent to the naked untrained eye. I take the same approach to helping clients like mrs. name and their wealth building goals with my unique [name of program – so you’d put that there – wealth engineering program] will help you [and then here’s where you describe your benefit and then I give you an example] build wealth by deeply analyzing and arranging your finances using a personally tailored approach…etc. etc.

So if you want to get another example of how to close this letter you can go back to that first video and tweak it a little bit and and apply it here so that’s this letter in a nutshell.

You may want to use a letter like his and send it to referred leads. Yu might want to try it out and use it in conjunction with the other video which shows you how to get those referred leads, and I’m talking about a whole bunch of them instantly. I use that same technique that I explained in the video to get 15 referred leads in just a few minutes. And then you can literally do that over and over within a week’s period of time you could have dozens of leads.

I look forward to hearing how you use this video to your advantage and let me know if it works for you.

Follow Up Marketing System: Your Plan!

Now it’s time to kick back and relax, right? NOT! It’s time to get organized. On average, a new sales lead needs contacted about five times before a sale is closed. So you need to plan a long-term strategy of follow up.

If you’re already an organized person, great. If not, check out planner systems like Franklin Covey or Day Runner supplies at a local office supply store or online. You’ll want to set up a 3-ring binder with specific day-to-day organized follow up campaign space. Continue reading Follow Up Marketing System: Your Plan!