Sales Letter For A Clothing Store!

You want to write a sales letter for a clothing store that will attract new clients but you’re not sure how to do it. I know, you have all kinds of fantastic dresses, tops, jeans, and much more at great prices, but you don’t know how to explain all this to your potential customers in a way that will get them to come to your store.

Or, maybe you have high end clothes and want to get wealthy people into your store to buy something.

I know it can be frustrating writing a clothing store sales letter so let me help you with some tips and a sample letter.

Before You Send Your Sales Letter For A Clothing Store You Have To Identify Your Target Audience First.

You have to get the right list. If you mail to the wrong list your clothing store marketing letter will get a terrible response rate. For example, if you own a men’s store you may want to target men ages 29-51 who own their own homes, have a six figure household income, and are professionals (just an idea).

Who is your target audience? One way to figure this out is dig into your database and look at what demographic is buying your clothes and then build your ideal prospect around this information. You send your database to a list company and they will do this for you.

After you have this crucial data go to a list broker and get a list of the same type of people in your area. Simple as that.

Make An Offer!

Next you need to write an interesting letter that grabs the attention of your reader and has a good offer that they can’t refuse. You have to make a good offer and it has to have a deadline otherwise your response rates will be minimal.

Please don’t go with the boring old 20% off deal. Everyone and their mother is doing that. Think outside of the box and make more unique offers.

Final Clothing Store Marketing Letter Tips!

  • Personalize the letter. Do not use ‘Dear Neighbor’, or ‘Dear Friend’. Use their actual name.
  • Also, you should use a headline on your letter and include a picture of yourself with a caption underneath it and put it next to your headline. I like to align the headline to the left of my image and caption.
  • Include testimonials that cover the various facets of your products, services, and business.
  • Lastly, send two or three follow up letters up to the deadline date of your offer(s).

Sample Sales Letter For A Clothing Store #1!

Dear Name,

If you are someone who appreciates high quality, stylish clothing then I’ve got some exciting information to share with you!

My name is Florence Small and I am the owner of Fancy Flo’s Clothing on 5th Street. It’s a small boutique that has a reputation for carrying lesser known, up-and-coming European brands that people like you will absolutely adore, and at very reasonable prices.

I’m confident you’ll find the clothing and accessories┬áthat we carry to be more interesting and comfortable than most of the more well known brands.

Why spend hundreds of dollars on a Ralph Lauren or Prada shirt, top, or dress when you can get something more comfortable and stylish for a fraction of the price? Seriously, a Prada hoodie for a $1000?

Most of my clients say they feel like they are ahead of the fashion trends because people often ask them about the clothing they bought here and then they get to share the news that they are wearing a new up-and-coming European line of clothing.

Here’s what some of my clients are saying:


I could go on and on about the quality and comfort of the clothes you’ll get at my store but the best way for you to know for sure is to come in and try something on. I have an amazing line of spring dresses, tops, tees and much more for you to check out. I know you’ll find something you’ll fall in love with.

I also know you’ll find the prices to be more than fair, but that is simply not good enough for you. So I’ve included four coupons for you to use to get additional savings, and even a freebie!

Please use the coupons below when you shop at Fancy Flo’s Clothing store. They expire soon so please drive or walk down to my store right away!

I can’t wait to meet you in person!


Florence Small

PS: Don’t forget to use the coupons to that are enclosed on or before 5/25/2019 to get an additional discount!

PPS: Also, there is an extra special coupon enclosed. Bring it on or before 5/12/2019 to get a free pair of socks (while supplies last).

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