Retail Spring Into Savings Postcard!

This is a sample retail Spring Into Savings postcard marketing that we used for at least two years.

A seasonal promotion like this Spring or Easter postcard marketing strategy works hand in hand with a seasonal email marketing sequence and text message marketing.

Front Of Spring Into Savings Postcard.

Back Of Spring/Easter Postcard.

The blurry white part on the lower left is where our old contact information was.

In Store Promotional Flyer.

Blurred white area had our contact information.

Spring Postcard Marketing Tips For Retailers!

Here are a few Spring marketing tips and tricks that should boost response and increase your sales.

Tip #1: Host an Easter Egg hunt for children and hire an Easter Bunny to play with the children and the parents.

Hand out Easter egg baskets with Easter eggs that you can also open up. Encourage them to open them up for a prize. Put coupons in the eggs and one special prize.

Have a product display set up that the parents can mill around and even order: lotions, sprays etc. Include a temporary tattoo booth or do face painting as well.

Tip #2: You don’t have to use the deal that we are offering. You can change it to match your needs. It could be

  • 21% off.
  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free.
  • Bring A Friend Get XX.xx.
  • Buy $100 or more get xx.xx off.

Always keep in mind this: Even if you break even on this offer or any offer, you are building a stronger bond with your customers by contacting them so it’s a win no matter what. I know you will do better but it’s essential that you keep contacting your clients via snail mail, email, by phone, and text messaging.

Tip #3: You may not want to do a promotion like this every other month. Instead, send a newsletter in place of the promotion. If you want to see sample salon newsletters that are big winners go to (see PS at the bottom).

These are some of the best newsletters (that both sell and build a great relationship with your customers) on the planet (ok I am biased. But we create great newsletters. So great in fact they were featured along with some of my other marketing in Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazers Expensive marketing courses and newsletter. A rare honor).

You can read more about about newsletter marketing here.

Bonus Idea: Send two videos after the deadline. In the first video say ‘Thank You’ and that you hope they had a great ‘Name of Holiday or Event’. But at the end also say, ‘By the way, if you enjoyed the savings you received from this promotion just wait until next name of holiday or event. I’ve got something planned that I think you’ll like.

This way you are further building a bond with your customers, and building curiosity which really boosts response rates.

Send a second video with you dressed in the appropriate attire for the occasion, in the spirit of the Holiday or Event. And tell your customers that you are sending out something to them in the mail and email so keep a look out for it. This will really make an impact.

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