Renter Real Estate Marketing Letters!

Below is a two letter sequence with the goal of converting renters into homeowners.

Isn’t it frustrating to see people paying rent when you know they could pay the same amount they are paying in rent, or even less (maybe a little more), and own a home, condo, or townhouse instead?

But the fact is, people who don’t know you are not going to pick up the phone right away and buy a house after one or two letters. But if you warm them up with your letters and establish yourself as the expert you will eventually get someone to make a move.

One way to generate a flow of leads from renters and other niches is to use sales letters in conjunction with newsletters. Basically you send two or three letters over two or three weeks and then follow up with a newsletter every month from then on.

Think about it. Most renters are not considering buying a home the day they get your first or second letter. But they usually will consider this option in the future when some life changing event occurs. For example, maybe one day they realize they are stuffing the pockets of their landlord, or maybe they got a raise, or perhaps they received an inheritance.

One time I spoke to someone who was jealous that their friend bought an apartment and they never considered buying a place until this occurred and now they were exploring their options.

Well, you want to be the one in their lives who is sending them helpful information over the past several months or years because chances are they will call you first.

Sample Renter Letter #1

Dear Name,

Few things in life are as important as finding a new place to settle into. Location matters. Space matters. You want more than just a tiny corner to throw your bags into and sleep — you want a home. Somewhere that you feel safe, secure, and happy inviting friends and family to.

All of us have dreamed of home ownership, but in today’s tough economy, too many feel that such a goal is beyond their reach. It’s understandable why people feel that way; between the financial challenges of balancing student loan payments, groceries, and health insurance, adding home ownership to that mix can seem like an unachievable goal.

You might think that you can’t make the down payment, or that home ownership isn’t mobile enough, or that maybe if you wait around just a little bit longer, the market will improve.

But owning a home has a lot of advantages: no landlord, no rent increases, and the knowledge that every payment you make is an investment, as opposed to just sinking dollars into the landlord’s money pit.

Home ownership is about the comfort of knowing that what’s yours is actually yours. But because of the struggles, many people in this generation have resigned themselves to thinking that they’ll just have to keep renting apartments, instead of one day truly having a home of their own.

Well, we’re here to show you why you don’t have to rent any longer.
Seriously, we’re not kidding. Home ownership is a lot easier than other folks make it out to be.

What if we told you that you can afford it? What if we gave you the tools to navigate the home buying landscape, to snap up an unbelievable deal that all your friends will be jealous of?

We here at ___(company name)______ are here to make the answers easy, simple, and practical. We would love it if you can give us a call at ___-_____-_____, or go to our website at ___________. Schedule an appointment with us, and request a totally free, no obligation information report that compares the benefits of owning versus renting. How’s that for service?

Call us anytime at ___-___-_____ because we have a 24/7 voicemail set up just for you. Just leave your name and address, and we’ll send you the same free report. Navigating the landscape of buying vs. renting a home is hard to do alone. But you don’t have to be alone anymore, because we’re here to help.

Your contact information.

PS: Did you know there are programs available to help first time home owners? Call me today and we can discuss your situation and make a plan. 

PPS: My free report is a good first start. Call my 24 hour voicemail now and leave your name and address. I’ll mail it to you right away. It’s free!

Sample Renter Into Homeowner Letter #2:

Dear Name,

Two weeks ago, we sent you a letter checking in, and seeing if we could help. Don’t worry, we understand. It’s crazy how busy life gets at times like these, so we’re not hurt that you didn’t call to get your free report.

But still, just in case you were interested and then forgot to get around to it, we’d like to show you our great offer just one more time. Because we do understand the struggles of deciding whether you want to rent or own your next home.

Seriously — we’ve been there ourselves. So we’d like to tell you about the advantages, the disadvantages, and everything we’ve got. And just for you, we’ll even give you a totally free, no obligation report, personalized to you. All you have to do is call us at __-___-___, or visit our website at ____________.

All of us have dreamed of home ownership, but in today’s tough economy, too many feel that such a goal is beyond their reach. We know that home ownership has been painted with a dark brush, with so many people feeling that it’s too expensive, impractical, and a fairytale. But we’re here to tell you that we know all of the best strategies to make ownership less expensive, more practical, and more realistic than renting ever could be.

But seriously, don’t just take our word for it. We’re willing to give you a free, no obligation report, because we’re willing to stand behind our words, and show you the facts. There’s nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Just call us at ________, or visit our website at _________. Feel free to call us any day, any time, because we have a 24/7 voicemail set up just for you. Just leave your name and address, and we’ll send you your report.

Thanks for giving us a look, and we hope we can help you out!

Your Name and Contact Information.

PS: Don’t forget to read my free report. Call my voicemail anytime 24 hours 555-555-5555, or go to this website to download it:

PPS: There is a very good chance you can own a home, condo, or town home with the same rent payment you are making now. Lets discuss your options and look at some properties. Call me right now. There is no obligation or pressure.

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