Realtor Marketing Letter System!

Although a realtor marketing letter system can be costly the returns can be well worth the investment.

Heck, one new client can pay for one marketing system several times over so perhaps you should test direct mail yourself.

There are no guarantees a direct mail sales letter will work. But if you have the money and patience you can generate a consistent flow of new clients every year. However, you can’t just send one letter and expect the phone to ring.

Is There A Secret To Direct Mail Real Estate Lead Generation?

The secret is that there is no secret to getting a good response to your direct mail sales letter campaign. It takes smart work.

The trick is to target an audience and send them a sequence of effective letters. And I don’t mean sending a boring letter in a plain #10 envelope with your brokerage name on it.

You don’t want to send a letter the was written by someone working deep inside your home office who has never had to spend their own money generating leads and trying to get new listings and close deals.

I am talking about an effective letter campaign which includes an envelope that is enticing enough to open up. Inside this envelope is a well written letter that grabs attention and gets to the point in a compelling way.

This company does it all for you and they do it well. It’s not cheap, but it can be very effective. They provide awesome letters that look like they were hand written on yellow note pad paper, and the address information on the envelope is hand written. You can also get typed letters if that is what you want to do. But I want to encourage you to try the hand written version.

They also provide lists if you don’t have your own.

The only problem is that some of the letters they have pre-written may not work for you, but they are good. So you may want to write your own or model the ones I have below. Please don’t copy them (all the letters on this site are for modeling only and are copyright protected).

A Three Letter Real Estate Marketing Letter Sequence. First Letter:

Dear Name,

My name is Name and I represent buyers who are interested in buying a home in your neighborhood.

If you have ever considered selling your home at Address, now is a great time for us to talk because most of my buyers pay cash, will buy it ‘as is’, and can close quickly (less than 30 days) if necessary.

If selling your home is of any interest to you, please call me at Number to discuss any questions you may have, and to see if there is a mutually convenient time to show your home.

Thank you for your time.



PS: If your home is already listed for sale please disregard this letter because we did not intend to solicit you away from another broker.

Second Letter:

Dear Name,

A few weeks ago I sent you a letter regarding your home at Address, but I did not hear back from you. I understand how busy it gets and it’s easy to forget about these sorts of things, so let me quickly re-cap:

As I mentioned before, I’m a Realtor working for a residential brokerage who represents buyers and investors interested in buying a home in your neighborhood.

Most of my clients pay cash and can close fast if needed. If selling your home is of interest to you please, call me at Number anytime 24 hours.


Contact Information

PS: Many of my clients have expressed interest in buying a home ‘as is’ in your neighborhood because inventories are very low, so you won’t have to make repairs or fix anything up.

Third Letter:

Dear Name,

Over the last couple of months I sent you two letters regarding selling your home at Address. Since I did not hear from you I thought I would try contacting you one last time…

I am a Realtor who has several clients very interested in buying a home in your neighborhood. Most of them will pay cash and buy your home ‘as is’ so you don’t have to worry about fixing anything up or making repairs.

If you ever considered selling your home now is a great time because inventories are low, especially in Name Of Town.

Please call me if selling your home is of interest to you. You can reach me at Number anytime 24 hours.

I look forward to hearing from you so that we can determine if selling your home to one of my clients is in your best interest.


Contact Information

There are more real estate letters on my site that you can model as well. I cover FSBO, Expired Listings, Divorce, Trusts, Renters, Second Home Owners and Vacation Home Owners. I also created some letters for real estate investors.

I recommend sending three letters to each prospect on your list and spread them out over a seven to ten day period. So everyone on your list will get letter #1, ten days later they get letter #2, and ten days after that they get letter #3.

If your letter campaign does not produce any clients for you then one of several things went wrong:

  1. Wrong list. If your list is bad then the best sales letter in the world will not work.
  2. Boring. If you use an envelope with your real estate company information on it and it’s sent to people you are contacting for the first or second time then it wreaks of ‘I want to sell you something’, so you are on the losing end before they even open the envelope (in fact they will probably toss it into the trash before opening it).
  3. Bad letter. If your envelope is on point and your list is ideal then perhaps your letter is poorly written, boring, or it has your company name big and bright so it’s the first thing they see…in the trash it goes!
  4. No sequence. Sometimes you get a response on the first mailing, sometimes it’s the second, and often it’s the third. Finish the sequence of mailings…

By the way, did you know it takes up to 17 contacts to make a sale? That’s why I recommend mailing a newsletter to your list every month. Send it to your list after you finish your sequence of letters. Include your clients, dead leads, and prospective clients. Sometimes it takes a few years before someone refers a friend or family member or someone has a life changing event and they need to buy or sell property. You want to be front of mind when that happens.

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