Real Estate Introduction Letter To Friends!

The most difficult part of being a real estate agent is getting new clients, especially when you are just starting out. The challenge of acquiring new clients is one reason there is such a significant turnover rate in the industry.

The good news is that there are numerous methods and techniques that will help you generate prospects over time. Some of them are free, some are low cost, and many are very expensive.

So where do you start? One place you should consider is farming your current network of friends and family. These are the people that know you, trust you, and like you so it is a very logical place to begin your prospecting.  But you don’t want to come off as pushy or entitled.

Send a personalized letter. If you send the same letter out to all your friends and family they are really going to be annoyed because they’ll sniff out what you are trying to do and you’ll tarnish your reputation. I recommend you write one or two personal letters every day and mail them to each and every person you know.

After you send out all your letters then you should put them on your newsletter list and mail a newsletter once a month, or at the very least six times per year.

Sample Real Estate Introduction Letter To Friends!

Dear (Name),

How are you? It’s been way too long since we’ve seen each other. I hope you and your family are doing well. I can see on social media that you are doing quite a bit of traveling and having a great time. 

I especially liked your photos of the latest outing you had at Russian River. That photo of Cindy on the raft was so cute!

I noticed that you got a promotion last month. Congratulations! After working with you at Starbucks I just knew you were going to move up the ladder in whatever you chose to do. You were always on top of everything.

I made a change myself. I always wanted to get into real estate in some form or another. I went feet first and I am now officially a licensed real estate agent. I helped three families find homes in my first six months and got two new listings! I just love it.

Does Cindy like Jumpees? I’ve been taking my children to a new indoor Jumpy facility called Big Air. It’s really fun! Let me know if you guys want to join us. 

Anyway, I usually stop in at the Sunset Bakery a few times a week for coffee and a morning bun (they are amazing) so if you ever want to join me let me know. 

Take care and say hello to Mark and Cindy for me.



PS: Tell Mark he’s look’n sharp in that lederhosen Halloween outfit you posted a few weeks ago 🙂

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