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When it comes to effective prospecting letters you have keep one thing in mind. What is it that your prospective clients want and need. And that is it. If you stray from this in your marketing and prospecting efforts, you will lose your clients forever.

The basics letter sequence I learned over 15 years ago was a technique that Dan Kennedy taught me, and it still works to this day. However, there are a few new twists you can use to make them even more effective.

One of these twists is to include a lead generation website, and your social medial profiles in your letters. This was you show that you are on the cutting edge, and that they can find or contact you other than just through the letters.

Some would say that you should not put these extra ‘twists’ in your letters, and ultimately it comes down to testing.

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The First Step To Generating Interested Prospects and Qualified Leads:

I am going to show you a whole new world of prospecting and marketing techniques that will get you more appointments, get more customers, and help you close bigger sales without making a single cold call.

Lets face it, cold calling sucks.

The very thought of it makes you ill. But for many sales people and business owners it’s a necessary evil. How else are you supposed to get your foot in the door?The answer is to get your target audience familiar with who you are before you call them.

Send them a compelling letter and/or information package first. But make it compelling so that they literally have no choice but to read it.

Once you accomplish this, you will see your appointments and sales skyrocket. I guarantee it.

You may be thinking, “Yeah, I’ve tried mailing stuff, but it doesn’t work…”

If you got lousy results using a similar method, then you did something wrong.

You don’t want to mail something just for the sake of mailing it. You have to do it right.

Let me show you a few secret marketing methods that make attracting new business much easier!

Imagine your prospect sitting at their desk in the morning. They have a cup of coffee, a newspaper or magazine, and they are waiting for their computer to turn on.

Next to their telephone is a pile of mail from the weekend. They eye it begrudgingly and decide to thumb through it. They see Money Magazine and Forbes as their prizes in the pile…

As they sort through their mail they throw out at least three quarters of it without even opening the envelopes.

These unfortunate prospecting letters end up in the trash because they had “junk mail” written all over them.

These kinds of letters have three things in common…

A return address with an unknown business name. If they have never heard of you, and they don’t owe you money, why on earth should they open the letter? Trash bound.

Bulk Mail Postage. If the letter has bulk mail postage and not first class postage, it’s a sure sign that it’s junk mail. Who else sends letters in bulk except for your credit card company? Answer: Businesses wanting their money. That’s who. Trash bound.

Labels. This is the silliest mistake I see over and over. Labels on an envelope. Labels are are impersonal and insulting to businesses. If you are doing it because you think you are saving time and money, believe me when I say, “you are waisting your time, your prospects time, and you are wasting lots of money”. These are usually the first letters that get trashed.

So when it comes to prospecting letters and sales letter, the bottom line is to take the exact opposite route of the junk mailers.

Don’t take for granted that simply because you are sending a letter to your prospect they are going to read it.

This is a fundamental mistake most business owners and sales people make.

They assume their letter will be read by the recipient. So when they make a call to follow up on the letter and say, “I am following up on the letter I sent you, did you get a chance to read it?” They wonder why the business owner (or whoever they sent it to) says, “I don’t know what letter you are talking about.”

Either way you are wasting their time. You need to get your prospects to open the envelope first, then you can expect them to start your letter (please note the word “start” for a future part of this important email course you are receiving…)

A very simple but effective way to get your prospects to open the envelopes (even bypassing the gatekeeper) and read your sales letters, is to use a plain white envelope with no company name on it. Just your name and address.

This way your prospecting letter is packaged with the perception that it has some importance. As a result your envelope will probably get opened. This is the first crucial step in prospecting and marketing with direct mail.

Another proven technique that gets fantastic results is to have your letter or info package delivered by Fed Ex, Airborne, or Priority Mail. If you are selling a high priced product you should definitely consider these alternatives.

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