Listed below are products that I recommend for your sales letters and marketing campaigns.

Promotional Items:

I am a big believer in promotional items (also known as ‘grabbers’). Use them to get your envelope or package opened and read because if your envelope or package is oddly shaped or feels different it has a good chance of getting opened. And if you attach something to your letter your letter will get more attention.

In addition, if you use a custom imprinted promotional item and it’s a product that has a long shelf life you’ll keep your name in front of your prospect for weeks, months, or even years.

For example you can use a keychain bottle opener. It’s small and it will fit in an envelope so it won’t cost very much.

There are thousands of promotional items you can use in your marketing including bank bags, shredded money, usb keychains, compasses, magnifying glasses, band aids, and many more.

But I would be remiss if I did not  include my very own million dollar bill products:

Million Dollar Bills. These have been a big seller for over 15 years because they are low cost, high impact grabbers that you can put on the top of your sales letter.

You can also use them in all kinds of ways as marketing tools and gag gifts. 

Million Dollar Thank You Cards. I came up with this idea over 15 years and it’s still a big hit and will always be a big hit for many years to come. You get a million dollar thank you card that has the front of the million dollar image on the  front, and on the back is the image of back of the million dollar bill. Inside it says Thanks A Million. In addition you get a million dollar bill to put inside to really make an impact, and you also get a security envelope so you can see through it.

If you need something different for your marketing campaign let me know.

Online Marketing:

I’ve been marketing online for 20 years and can say with absolute confidence that this is the best way to build a business online.

Whether you want to build a website for a small business, a home based business, or you want to get involved with ecommerce you’ll be glad you got on board because it is the best place to learn and build a business… a real business that you’ll be proud of.

Marketing Books:

Joe Sugarmans Advertising Secrets Of The Written Word. This is among the top two or three best books ever written, with examples, on how to write sales letters and lead generation letters that have and get exciting results. Joe Sugarman is the mastermind behind some of the greatest marketing campaigns of all time.

Denny Hatch’s Million Dollar Mailings. This is probably the only manual that every professional advertising copywriter and marketer has on hand within arms reach of them. It’s a massive library of sales letters from a diverse range of businesses, including the famous Wall Street Journal letter, that were mailed in the millions. Each letter is detailed information on how they were written, why they worked so well, and much more. If I had to choose one book on the subject of writing sales letter and direct response marketing this would be the book, hands down.


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