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I am a big believer in using print and email newsletters to grow your business. I have used them myself in two different and competitive industries. Each time they worked better than my expectations.

I am particularly partial to print newsletters because businesses are not using them, they make a bigger impact on your clients and customers, and the results we achieved using them in our businesses prove it.

Side Bar: If you want samples and tips of email marketing and/or email newsletters please read my other articles on this subject by using the search feature or linked from this article.

Use newsletters and send one every month to both your clients and prospects.

You’ll build a stronger relationship with your client and you’ll make more sales and referrals as a result of the constant contact using a fun, interesting, and informative newsletter.

Studies prove that it can take anywhere from 3 to 17 contacts to make a sale. In addition every month you don’t make a meaningful contact with your prospects and clients you influence with that client drops as much as 10%!

How To Use Newsletters To Put A Cage Around Your Heard, Drive Up Sales, In- crease Employee Moral and Productivity, And Become A Celebrity!

A newsletter is another powerful tool. A print newsletter that is. Certainly an online newsletter is important as well.

But a print newsletter is even more powerful than an online newsletter. It helps you build a fence around your heard, sets you apart from your competition, ads credibility, increases your sales, helps drive the ‘referral engine’, and much more.

Let me show you a sample print newsletter used in a salon (see images below) with notations that highlight areas of interest. Wait, I know what you’re thinking ‘I am in (name of any industry you are in) and so this won’t work for me’.


Any marketing idea that works in one industry can be modeled or tweaked to be used in any other industry and very often with better results!

Also, below this newsletter is a sample financial services industry newsletter.

Sample Print Newsletter Page 1.

Front page of the newsletter (page 1).

Salon (Retail) Newsletter Sample Page 2:

Inside Page 2.

Salon (Retail) Newsletter Sample Page 3:

Inside page 3 (right hand side page).

Sample (Retail) Salon Marketing Newsletter Mailing Side:

Outside mailing side of the print newsletter sample.

Sample Financial Services Newsletter!

This is an old sample print newsletter I created as an example for insurance agents and financial advisors to model in their businesses. It was formatted a bit differently to be more pleasing to look at aesthetically.

Vol. II Issue 5
Maximum Wealth! Your address, your city and state. Your contact info. An Insider’s Look at Creating Millionaires.

This Month, I Am Going To Show You How To Defer Taxes On Your Stock Gains, How To Get A Guaranteed Return Of At Least 17%, And Invite You To Participate In My Dinner For Two Competition At Pacific Tap And Grill, All You Can Eat!

Dear (Name),

Just a quick announcement regarding last month’s contest! All answers were close, but only one family was the winner:

The Allens have won their second award−FREE Roundtable Pizza and Movie Tickets at the Cinema for the entire family! This is the first time we have had a two-time winner, so congratulations to the Allens.

For new subscribers, the contest was to answer the question: “Approximately how much is a dollar worth if it doubles every year for twenty years, and what is it worth when you attach a 28% tax bracket? (There are two answers.)”

The answer was $1,048,000.00 without taxes if the dollar doubles every year (2, 4, 8, 16…) for twenty years. It is worth $51,000 when you attach a 28% income tax bracket to it.

According to Einstein, “The power of compounding is one of the most powerful forces in the universe.” Use it to your advantage and you will accumulate Maximum Wealth in Minimum Time!

How To Defer Taxes On Your Stock Gains!

You can defer tax on stock shares that have a gain without risking the stock will drop in value. This is called “selling short against the box.”

Here’s how: borrow shares of the same stock from your broker and sell them. This way you obtain today’s price for the shares. After year-end, close the transaction by repaying the broker with your shares. Now you have locked in your gain now but don’t owe any tax on the gain until the next year.

This requires a close eye, and sophisticated procedures in some cases, but if you own stock, you may want to take advantage of this secret.

This brings up a great analogy. It’s a story that I relate to when I am comparing tax deferral options, and going straight into taxable investments myself. It’s the story of the Tortoise and the Hare.

See, when you buy stocks, or mutual funds, you’re jumping right out of the gate just like the Hare did in that story. A mutual fund can fire right out of the gate, but it keeps getting hit by taxes. But the Tortoise just kept chugging along and ended up easily winning the race (remember last month’s contest?)

The Tortoise is your tax deferral. Taxes don’t hit him, and over the long-haul wins the race.

If you want a little more information on hot tax deferral programs, call my 24-hour voice mail at 415-244-4444. Leave your name and address, and state you would like information on tax deferral programs. It will be sent right to you!
How To Get A Guaranteed 17% Rate Of Return On Your Money!

Want a guaranteed rate of 17% on your money?

Here’s how: Line up all of your credit card statements, take a look at the average interest you’re paying on the balance, and see how much you’re paying the banks to use their “plastic.”

I will bet it is around 17% interest on many of those cards. Now, let’s say you have a positive $3,000 balance in your checking account, and you have a negative $2,000 balance on your credit card−assume a 17% interest rate.

This means your credit card by year end will have a balance of $2,340.00 due, and you now have a total positive balance between your checking account and your credit card of $660.00, when it could easily have been $1,000.00 (17% of $2,000 = $340; $3,000 – $2,340 = $660). And any year following compounds on top of the $2,300.00! It gets exponentially higher every year.

By paying off your credit card balance, you have beaten the bank and kept your 17% that was going into their pockets!

Remember! The power of compounding is one of the most powerful forces in nature, and it is right in your wallet, in your credit cards! You can have it work for or against you. Which do you choose? It’s eating away at any gains you’re making on investments; it’s completely destroying your investment portfolio when it works against you; but, it will make you wealthy when it works for you.
Here’s how you get your guaranteed rate of 17% on your money: Pay Off Your Credit Cards. And to get even better returns: Put Money Away In Tax Deferred Investments−or even better, do both! And here’s how to learn the secrets to turning the power of compounding to your side:

Free Seminar: How To Create Maximum Wealth In Minimum Time!

You’re invited to attend our first Subscriber Seminar that will reveal tips and secrets that will help you save even more money now and for your retirement. Here are a few areas that we have planned for you:

• Tax Savings Secrets Your Tax Planner May Not Know About!
• Banking Secrets And How They Are Eating Away Your Assets!
• How The Wealthy Protect Their Assets… How You Can Too!
• The Secrets Of A Tax Free Income At Retirement!
• A Special Guest Speaker from Oppenheimer Assets… You Can’t Miss This!
• And much, much more!

Come Join our inner circle of clients and subscribers and we will show you even more strategies to Create Maximum Wealth In Minimum Time! Call our 24-hour voice mail at 888-888-8888 to find out the dates and times, and to reserve your seat. Call now!


Next month we will cover Tax Free Income Streams and Investments, And… Now Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for… the contest for next month!

Best Answer in ten sentences or less Wins A FREE Dinner for Two at Pacific Tap and Grill − All You Can Eat!

Question: For Clients Only! Term insurance vs. Permanent Insurance. What is the difference, and which do you think is best for you? (They are both different types of life insurance.)

Clue: Call our office at 444-444-4444 if you want information to help you study up a bit. Otherwise, good luck!

Take care,
John Sample, Editor Maximum Wealth In Minimum Time!


If you would like one of your friends or family to receive a free 6-month subscription to our newsletter, please fill out a piece of paper with up to five people you think would appreciate the information we reveal in our newsletter and mail it to:

Maximum Wealth In Minimum Time! Attn: Editor,
44 Any Street, Anywhere, CA 00000.

Or fax your request to 444-444-4444 anytime 24 hours. I know they will profit from it. Anyone who refers five people will receive a FREE Hickory Farms Gift Basket, full of cheeses and other goodies!


We would like to hear from you and find out what you think of our newsletter and how it has helped you. Please fill out the enclosed form and send it to Maximum Wealth In Minimum Time! Attn: Editor, 44 Any Street, Anywhere, CA 00000, or fax it in to 444-444-4444, anytime 24 hours.

You will also receive a Gift Certificate for 5 FREE Golf Balls at Golf Mart!

The key to a successful newsletter is to reveal information that your prospect can profit from, and even more important… make it fun to read (quizzes, tests, stories, etc.) Nobody likes professional looking newsletters that talk about things that are important to you and not your prospect.

Newsletter Marketing Tip: This newsletter can actually be broken down into 2 or 3 newsletters (booklets, or bulletins too!) You can write one issue on, “How To Defer Taxes On Your Stock Gains,” “How To Get A Guaranteed Return Of At Least 17%,” and even “How To Win A Dinner For Two At Pacific Tap and Grill, All You Can Eat!” That’s right! You can write your whole newsletter, booklet, or bulletin around that theme. People love sweepstakes, and you can use them to educate prospects and get them to buy more stuff from you!

Follow these valuable marketing tips to get a flood of appointments, leads and referrals.

5 Ways To Use Newsletters:

1. Generate referrals. Try sending them a form that is easy to fill out. Maqke it a full page with spaces to fill in their names and addresses and phone numbers. If you can afford it, make it business reply, or postage paid.

2. Include a form for them to describe and explain the benefits they have derived from the material. Make sure you get their permission to use it as a testimonial. And also make sure it is as specific as possible (remember what we talked about in the beginning? “Brian did a great job on our insurance planning!” is OK, but, “We not only saved $50.00 per month on our insurance, and another $150.00 per month in taxes with Brian’s simple explanations and suggestions!” is a whole lot better.

Include both of the above forms in the first newsletter and at least every other newsletter you send out.

3. While you are putting together your newsletter, call up your current clients and ask them if they would like a FREE 6-month subscription. Then ask if they know anyone else who would enjoy the information.

These referrals should get their newsletter with a little handwritten note explaining your client suggested you might enjoy a FREE 6-month subscription. Include a coupon or gift certificate for a free hour consultation, and/or some sort of freebee (use examples in this material, or make up your own.)

Then follow up with a phone call and set appointments−maybe after two or three months (even better is to get a telemarketer to do some of this leg work, have them chugging away on building your mailing list, and setting appointments!)

4. Send out a sales-letter in between newsletters or along with your newsletters to get appointments (special offers, new services etc., and refer to them in your newsletter to.)

5. In your newsletter you should always offer other related information for them to study. Every newsletter should have an offer for free seminars or consultations with you and/or another professional.

Make every mailing count!

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