Postcard Marketing System

An old school postcard marketing system that still works today is to Sequence Your Postcards:

An effective strategy to squeeze out every possible prospect from your list is to sequence your postcards 7-10 days apart for the first 3 or 4. The second through fourth postcards should have ***SECOND NOTICE!***, ***THIRD NOTICE!***, and ***Urgent FINAL NOTICE!*** blazing above the headline.

The ideas is to sequence all your mailings at least 3 times 7-10 days apart to get maximum response. Do not send out one postcard and wait for the phone to ring. You must have a three-postcard sequence minimum to complete the sequence (and to finish up the “test”, more on this…)

Finish the sequence and measure response. Then all non-responders stay on your mailing list for twelve months. Mail them every month.

Side Bar: Make sure you read the postcard marketing adjustments at the bottom

Two Quick Ideas:

1. Vary the headline for each postcard. This can improve response, and you may discover a headline that works better than the rest.

2. Mix in the “non-testimonial” style postcard somewhere in the sequence. Or vice-versa.

The next important feature of your postcard marketing system is to be systematized.

You have to know what days you are sending postcard one, two, three, or four. And what days you are sending your monthly newsletter and to whom you are sending it.

Everything must flow. Meaning if you mail on Friday and you begin to get leads on Monday, you should send out your (marketing letter) that day or the very next day. Then follow up either seven to ten days letter or two to three weeks later with a second and then a third follow-up mailing.

A quick road to failure is not being systematized. If you are placing ads sporadically, starting and stopping, and sending reports and newsletters out on different scheduled days, forgetting what day you were supposed to have an ad ready, etc., the rest of your marketing and appointment setting will be the same way. Don’t start and stop or get frustrated. Just do it!

Here is an example of sequencing: Remember to test different headlines, and mix in non-testimonial postcards.

     Here’s the first postcard:

postcard marketing 1

Prospecting Postcard #2:

postcard 2

Prospecting Postcard #3:

postcard 3

Prospecting Postcard #4:

postcard 4

The format of these postcards is an ‘advertorial’ look. Meaning, they look like articles. These still work!

Postcard marketing system adjustments:

This postcard was created a while back before there was advancements in text message marketing and QR codes. So you should test these things…

1. Put your picture on the upper left hand side on the back of the card.

2. Test QR codes on your postcard.

3. Test SMS marketing on your postcard.

4. Test calling your office direct.

5. Test a website offer: Go To to get a free (DVD, Report) called, Name Of Report.

Use a combination of some of the above:

3 Ways To Get Your Free Report:

1. Text REPORT To 55555.

2. Call our 24 hour voicemail at 555-555-5555.

3. Scan this QR code.

 How To Model This Postcard Marketing System For Your Business:

You might be wondering how to model this for your business. You might have a retail business, a real estate business, or something totally different like a medical supply business. Whatever it is there is a way to model this basic system for the 21st century. Contact me for information how to do just that!


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