New Service Announcement Letter System!

If you want to launch a new service or product with a letter system there is no better way to learn than from a real world small business that actually did it.

In this guide you will get a detailed close up look at a launch we did for a new airbrush tanning service in our salon. In addition you’ll get a second announcement letter example that you can model for the insurance industry.

If you are thinking, ‘These are not my industries’, you are missing the boat. Any letter or system can be modeled in another industry and work just as well or even better.

As a matter of fact I modeled the letter and postcard in this example from a small business that sells designer suits to men.

Below is a sales letter we used to announce our new Mystic Tan booth (we followed up with a postcard which is included after the sales letter). This was a very successful promotion because it drove new and old customers back to the salon, putting several thousand dollars in our pocket in the front end and generating a constant flow of repeat business and referrals for years.

The key to the success of this new service announcement was to follow up with a postcard and a phone call (use a third postcard or letter if you don’t want to use the phone).

Follow up is very important when you are doing a promotion because often times people forget about you within minutes and they need to be reminded of your new product or service.

This works exceptionally well when you have an expiration date (this is essential on almost all promotions).

By the way, we also had our staff politely follow up on the phone.

You can model this for any service you have in your salon or small business. You can even do this if you have had a service or product that is not getting very much attention as you were expecting. Especially if it is buried in the back of your business.

New Service Announcement Letter  Marketing Campaign!

February date, 8:32 am

Special Offer For Our Best Customers – By Invitation Only

Dear Friend Of Name Of Salon,

Name of Owner, new owner of Name Of Salon in Name Of Town, in the most beautiful Mystic Tan room in Northern California!

As a valued customer of Royal Tan And Spa I’m writing to let you know about an exceptional offer on our new tanning service, Mystic TanTM. I could- n’t be more excited to bring this special offer to your attention…

If you’re like most of our customers, you probably enjoy tanning in our salon because it’s comfortable, clean, and relaxing. And I’m sure you love the results of your tanning sessions.

An Amazing New
Tanning Alternative!

Now we’ve added Mystic TanTM, a top-of-the-line UV-Free, private spray- tanning booth that is simply amazing (if you already tried Mystic Tan or you already own a package keep reading to find out about the special offer).

Mystic TanTM will dramatically enhance your current tan or you can get a new sexy tan in less than sixty seconds.

No Awkward Posing or Silly Dancing
To Make Sure You Get Every Spot…

Maybe you’ve tried a spray-tanning booth in the past or some over-the-counter self tanning kits, only to find out they don’t really do what they claim. Maybe you even turned orange!

That’s because these tanning methods use a cheap tanning solution and unreliable spray-tan technology. Plus they are difficult to apply and can’t give you anywhere near the results of a Mystic Tan.

With Mystic TanTM you simply stand inside the comfortable booth and the gentle tanning mist is magnetically attracted to your body. But the best part is you’ll get an even, natural looking tan…a healthy looking tan that will turn heads up and down the street.

Special Offer With This Letter Only!

Here’s the special offer: Bring this letter with you and you’ll get an Italian Stone DesignTM Genuine Leather Backpack-Purse when you purchase 5 or more Mystic Tan sessions. A $39.97 value! This offer expires March 7th, 2005. Hurry, there are only 29 of these special gifts available. First come, first served.

Why You Must Act Before Date…

First, I doubt these leather backpack-purses will still be around until Date because the first 29 people who take advantage of this special offer will take them. And when they’re gone this offer expires.

But even if they are still here this offer has to expire anyway because we will be heading into the busy season and we don’t want the waiting room to be too full, which may anger some of our customers.

So if you want to get a sexy, exotic tan, or enhance your current tan
instantly – now is the time to act so you can take advantage of this special offer.

Please come to Name Of Salon and take advantage of this one time only special offer.

Thank you for being such a wonderful customer. I look forward to seeing you again soon.




P.S. There are only 29 sets of the bonus gifts listed above and we are sending this letter to 526 of our top customers. Come into Name Of Salon now and take advantage of this offer while it’s still fresh on your mind.

P.P.S. I almost forgot! Be sure to bring this letter with you because
in addition to the Leather backpack/purse, you will also get 10% off your purchase on any other product or service (yes, even the Mystic Tan special offer above)! Now, please realize we do not normally provide any discounts on packages since they are already deeply discounted. However, since you are one of our most valued customers and I’m so excited about the results I’ve witnessed with Mystic Tan — I wanted to give you an added incentive.

Follow Up Postcard To New Mystic Tan Offer. 4.5×6 Postcard.

This is basically how the postcard looked but not exactly because I had to re-create it several years ago in Publisher for use online here. But it’s close.



Insurance Industry New Service Announcement Letter Sample.

This letter is nothing super special but it does the job. Keep in mind that you need to send at least one follow up and if you can call after the second letter that should bump response rates.

Model the ideas from the mini marketing system above and combine it with this letter.

June 13, 2011
Recipients Name
City, State, Zip

Dear Recipients Name:

Something new from Name Of Company!

As you know, my goal is to always keep you informed about new products and all coverages that may benefit you. Enclosed is information about something new that I think might help better meet your insurance needs.

New Product/Coverage Discount.
Bullet about new product/service/discount
Bullet about new product/service/discount
Bullet about new product/service/discount

Please review the enclosed information carefully. If you have any questions about how this may work for you, feel free to call or email me at any time.

I appreciate your continued confidence in me and ABC Insurance Company. I look forward to many more years of serving you…and making the future a bit more predictable.

Thanks so much,

Agent Name
Agency Name
XXX Street
City, State ZIP
Website, Email, Phone, Fax

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