New Product Sales Letter!

In this new product sales letter example I am using a new beauty product as the subject. I created a make believe new anti aging cream and quickly wrote some ad copy to promote it.

The letter needs a little work but it does serve as a good model or starting point for a project that I may be working on soon. Please read the letter and leave your comments or suggestions, or model it for your own new beauty product promotion.

If I get enough comments on it I’ll write another one below it promoting a totally different product.

New Beauty Product Sales Letter Sample!

Gets Rid Of Puffy Eyes and Fades Wrinkles In Under 24 Hours

Before and After Image Here.

Dear Name,

If you are tired of those dark baggy circles under your eyes and you want those annoying wrinkles and sun spots to go away then I have some important information to share with you.

My name is Dr. Fenway and I am the formulations director at Cryptol Inc. I am also a licensed esthetician and have a Phd in bio-chemistry from Rutgers. I know that doesn’t mean very much to you but it means a lot to Cryptol Inc. who hired me to create the best anti wrinkle cream on the market. And I believe I’ve accomplished that…

The topical cream I created is called Fadeaway. It’s formulated with all naturalĀ  ingredients which includes Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. My proprietary formula orchestrates these ingredients to work together to firm, tone, and brighten the skin while at the same time defending it from the effects of aging and the elements.

Fresher, Younger Looking Skin!

Fadeaway instantly targets wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, and those bags under your eyes and vigorously fades them away giving you a fresher more youthful appearance.

This proprietary blend of ingredients also shrinks pores, brightens the skin, and keeps your skin moisturized all day long so you don’t have to spend money on all those expensive moisturizing lotions. It practically pays for itself!

Here’s what people are saying about FadeAway:


How much would you pay for a an anti wrinkle cream that provides these kinds of results? Similar products sell for as much as $300, but you won’t pay anywhere near that price. All we are asking isĀ $79.95 $39.95 for a 4.0z jar of Fadeaway (price goes up April 4, 2020). I think you’ll agree that this is a tiny investment to achieve a younger, fresher look.

6 Month Iron Clad Empty Jar Guarantee!

I am so confident that you’ll be raving about how youthful your skin looks and feels that you’ll also get a full 6-month guarantee on Fadeaway. If for any reason you don’t like it send it back for a full refund, even if the jar is empty!

If you want to reduce or even eliminate the sagging under your eyes, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and regain your youthful bright skin texture, order now because the price will go up on April 4, 2020. But wait…

Special Fast Action Bonus!

I begged the ‘higher ups’ to make you an extra special bonus offer to be sure you take advantage of this limited time offer to get Fadeaway for justĀ $79.95 $39.95. I talked them into throwing in a second jar of Fadeaway at no additional cost. Can you believe that? I was shocked that they agreed. So you better order right away before they change their mind.

So lets recap what you’ll get. If you order by April 4, 2020 you’ll get a 4 oz. jar of Fadeaway for the reduced price of just $39.95, plus you’ll get a second jar of Fadeaway absolutely free!

Fadeaway is a non-greasy fast absorbing anti-aging cream that reduces and often eliminates wrinkles, sun spots, and puffy eyes and at the same time gives you a fresher, more youthful appearance.

Don’t let this special opportunity to get this amazing new anti aging cream at a lower price while supplies last.


Dr. Fenway
Cryptol Inc.
Contact Information

PS: You should see the circles under you eyes, wrinkles, and sun spots begin to fade in under 24 hours with just one application of Fadeaway!

PPS: Imagine all the envious looks you’ll get when you go shopping or have a night on the town after using Fadeaway for a month!

PPPS: Remember, you get a free extra 4 oz. jar of Fadeaway as long as you order on or before April 4, 2020. After that the price increases to $79.95 and the bonus jar will not be available, so order now!

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