Mortgage Broker Letter To Realtors!

The following mortgage broker letter to realtors is a good model to work with if you want to target real estate agents in your area.

As you know, one of the fastest ways to build your book of business is to get realtors to refer their clients to you.

Realtors are an eclectic bunch so you need to target the ones are who doing the most business. This will really refine your list. Read the marketing tips below for more strategies to help you grow your business.

Sample Mortgage Broker Introductory Letter To A Realtor.

June 11, 2021

Realtors Name
Recipients street address
City, State, Zip

Dear (Name),

My name is (Name). I am a local Mortgage Broker with (Number) years of experience in the mortgage lending industry.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and to ask that you consider partnering with me in providing a seamless real estate experience for your customers.

There are significant benefits to having a trusted mortgage broker by your side (First Name). Throughout the entire home purchasing process, there are many hurdles to face – especially in terms of securing a mortgage, which can touch up to 20 different handlers through a 30 day process.

We both realize that time is of the essence in closing on a deal. I am highly experienced in the logistics involved and can make sure that your clients’ real estate transactions will be finalized well within escrow timelines.

Although banks have lending agents that offer similar services, my role as your partner mortgage broker is more personal because I don’t work for a particular bank.

I have the ability and flexibility to quickly shop for loans at several lending institutions to secure very best interest rates and terms.

In addition, I take the time to explain the legal aspects of the loan to the borrower as well as the payment terms and clauses.

From helping buyers gather necessary documents to securing appraisals and titles, I can make the entire process much easier for everyone involved.

I am well-known for my integrity and my sensitivity to the different needs of clients, and I would consider it a privilege to work with you.

Clients who have a positive experience are the best form of advertisement for both a real estate agent and a mortgage broker.


By working together, we can both benefit as we exceed the expectations of your clients – not just one time, but every time.

Please give this some thought, and give me a call at (phone #) if you are at all interested. I would love an opportunity to speak with you at more length about what value I could bring to your business. I look forward to your call!


Business Name
XXX Street
City, State ZIP
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Mortgage Broker Marketing Tips!

  • Send a professional mortgage broker introductory letter to realtors like the one above and then follow up with a phone call.
  •  The good realtors have a relationship with a mortgage broker already. However, they don’t always stick with the same broker.
  • Provide realtors with promotional items with your letter, or drop them off at their offices. Choose items that have a long shelf life so that they remember you well after they trash your letter.
  • The good realtors have a relationship with a mortgage broker already. However, for various reasons switch brokers over time. Send a fun, quality newsletter monthly to every prospective real estate agent so that you are always there when you get the nod. This may become your most powerful marketing tool over time.

One of the main reasons a broker will refer clients to you is because they need the entire process to be as smooth and fast as possible. The better you are at this the more business you will get.

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