Medicare Supplement Prospecting Letter

The medicare supplement prospecting letter below is a sample that you can use to model for your upcoming insurance lead generation campaign. If you would like your own letter or a series of letters for insurance marketing you can contact us.

Dear (Name),

If a trusted friend mentioned to you that it was possible to save $300-$600 annually by switching to a different Medicare supplement plan, you would probably say, “Yes, but what’s the catch?”

The beauty is…there really is no catch. It’s possible to pay less money for the identical coverage that you already have.

When you first turned 65, you were deluged with insurance information about Medicare A, Medicare B and Medicare Supplement plans. Most likely the choices were bewildering; you took time to study the options and carefully selected the one that you thought best filled your needs.

However, it’s now been a few years, and you are facing annual rate increases in your plan’s premiums. Every year, these increases eat away at your disposable income. And for anyone with a fixed income, this is a big deal.

What you may not realize is that when it comes to Medicare Supplement plans, they are all alike. They are all standardized by the Federal Government. For example if you selected plan “F” when you were 65, the coverage offered by that plan is identical to every other “F” plan no matter what company offers it. The only difference is the price you pay.

You now have the opportunity make a change and increase your cash flow. You have worked too hard all your life to be strapped by unnecessary rate increases!

(Name of Company) takes pride in its rock-bottom rates and excellent customer service. No other company treats each of its customers as a unique individual.

We take time to answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns. You will find that making a change to our plan is really a very simple process.
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