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Can a simple life insurance prospecting letter generate a flood of leads for your agency? The short answer is no. But you may be able to generate a few new clients from a letter if it’s sent to the right list.

There’s an old saying (I’m paraphrasing), ‘I don’t know one way to get 100 new clients in the door. But I do know ten ways to get one’.

Combine a direct mail with your other online and offline marketing strategies and you will get a steady trickle of prospects.

If you have a list of clients who know you or if you are fortunate to have permission to mail to another professionals list (CPA, Financial Planner, Broker etc), then a modeling and mailing letter like this may help you generate life insurance leads.

Life Insurance Prospecting Letter Sample #1.

June 13, 2024

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Dear Recipients Name,

No one knows what the future holds.

If something happened to you today, do you have enough insurance to cover your mortgage, your child’s college education and all of your expenses?

All of our lives are constantly changing. Each change can affect our financial situation and our insurance needs. There are people that depend on you. Life insurance coverage is one investment you can make now to protect your family’s assets and their future financial stability.

I can help you determine what makes sense today in one, short phone call. I will follow up with you soon. My goal is to protect each and every one of my clients with a tailor-made policy that perfectly suits their current needs. Life insurance can’t replace you but it can give your family they money they will need.

I think you and your loved ones deserve the peace of mind good coverage can afford.

Best wishes,

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Term Life Insurance Lead Generation Letter Sample #2.

Now — for as little as 49¢ a day* — you can have as much as $250,000 of term life insurance to protect your loved ones!

And if you contact us right now, you can receive either of
these two helpful, eye-opening planning guides, FREE…
• How to Pay for Your Child’s College Education Without Going into Debt
• How to Retire Before You’re 60 and Live by the Beach (or Wherever You Like)
But that’s not all…

Dear Name,

Do you have enough life insurance? Enough to pay your “final expenses” and provide for your loved ones for three to five years?

Most people don’t. Because they think they can’t afford the premiums. Well, if you’re one of them, here’s good news…

*If you’re age 25, a non-smoker, and in good health, you may qualify for a $250,000 term life policy for only $177 a year—an average of just 49¢ a day!

Or, if you’re older than 25, or prefer some other benefit amount, we can help you find just what you’re looking for—at the lowest available rates!

Our rate quotes are likely to be significantly lower than what you’d get from any “captive” agent—even if he or she is a relative! Here’s why…

“Captive” agents are those who represent only one insurance company. And the company tells them exactly what the rates will be. Take it or leave it. We’re different. We’re licensed to represent more than 00 different insurance companies, not just one. So we’re able to search for, and find, the lowest available rates for our clients—regardless of their age, sex, health condition, smoking habits, lifestyle or anything else. What’s more, our searches are FREE and without obligation!

To find out how little it can cost you for life insurance protection—from a top-rated company— simply phone us toll-free at 1-000-000-0000 or use the form below. While you’re at it, ask about coverage for your spouse or business partner, too. And request one of the free guides listed above.

Because life is so uncertain, why not call us right now. Your loved ones will be glad you did.



I remember when I was selling life insurance. The Internet was just starting to become a ‘thing’, and our agency was using direct mail to generate leads. Fortunately I didn’t have to cold prospect for leads and simply answered the phone after they dropped mail.

Those days are long over. Now people go online and fill out a form to get a life insurance quote.

My belief is that you should become a financial planner if one of the products you want to sell is life insurance because you can (and should in my opinion) as part of your overall financial plan.

It’s simply easier and less threatening to market yourself as someone who can help people pay less taxes, build wealth, and protect your assets.  

The other option is to become a multi lines insurance producer and build your book of property casualty business and then sell life insurance on the back end.

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