Job Prospecting Letter Sample!

Looking for a job that you want requires several prospecting techniques. One of these techniques includes a job prospecting letter.

One reason you need a letter is because you want to warm your target hiring manager or business owner up prior to cold calling them.

You might be thinking, ‘Why should I send a letter when I can simply go to a job site and submit my resume?’ The reason is because you might want to work somewhere that is not posting jobs online at the moment and in order to get a better shot at getting a job at this company you need to stay top of mind when they are looking for someone with your skills.

In this case you would send a letter. But you won’t send a job prospecting letter just once. You need to send a letter every two weeks or every month in order to keep in front of them. 

The other reason you should send a letter is because there might be a job opening you found online or somewhere else and you can send a print letter to the hiring manager in addition to using the contact mechanism or steps that are described on the website or job board.

You can either send a letter along with your resume. Or, what I have done is send a warm up letter, and then follow up with your resume.

Job Prospecting Letter Sample!

Dear (Name),

My name is (Name). I am writing to express my interest exploring job opportunities in your (company, organization). I believe that my work ethic, experience, skills and education are in alignment with your values, your mission and your overall goals.

It is clear that your success has been strengthened by both your (corporate, organizational) vision and the talent that you have recruited to join your team.

I hold a (certification) degree in (subject) from (Name of University or Certification Agency) and have gained competence in all of the elements that are critical for success. Please note in my attached resume that, in terms of work experience, I have assumed increasingly responsible positions and am on the track to move forward in my career.

Of particular note, I have the ambition, the tenacity, and the focus to achieve results – but just as importantly, I have the ability to connect with internal and external stakeholders in a positive, productive way because I realize that no matter how talented a job candidate may be, in the end, the ability to work well within an internal team environment while at the same time understanding the needs of the external constituent is what it’s all about.

I feel fully capable of navigating complex roles while keeping in mind the people who make it happen and the ultimate (corporate, organizational) mission.

I appreciate your taking the time to review my credentials, but I also hope that I will have the opportunity to meet with you so that we can discuss your needs and how I can bring value to your company. Please feel free to call me at (phone #) or email me at (email address).



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