How To Generate Referrals From Existing Clients!

I’ve written several articles and letters on referral lead generation in several different industries. You may want to search this site to find them. But this method is another creative way to get your clients to provide referrals without personally ask for them. We all know how uncomfortable that can be.

This letter is more for the retail marketing sector but you can still model some of the ideas in this letter for any industry.

Also, the letter below is unformatted. Your letter should have a headline, big and bold. I also recommend that you place a picture of yourself with a caption underneath. Put your headline to the right side of your picture, like this:

Sample Retail Referral Marketing Letter.

“Reward: $15.00 For Your Kind Referrals!”

Dear Name,

Over the course of many visits, you have been a loyal member of the Name Of Business customer base. Your business is appreciated more than you know. Our staff and I thank you for allowing us to give you the salon and spa services you want at the quality level you deserve.

Every month we serve hundreds of customers eagerly and well. They tell us they love our [Name Of Services] cosmetology work and that the results are great. They return regularly and tell their friends.

I hope you will agree that we employ the town’s best [Name of Practitioners or Services] hair stylists and colorists, estheticians, manicurists, pedicurists, electrologists, massage therapists and all of the technicians who are here to serve you. We very conscientiously work together to make sure that every customer who walks out the door has been treated fairly and well.

Our prices are fair and the value offered is the best. There probably isn’t a business in town who doesn’t say that customer service is paramount for whatever they do, but we truly believe it. Our staff is highly trained and experienced, knowledgeable in the latest trends and fashions.

We avoid the use [Name of Bad Stuff] of formaldehyde and other potentially harmful chemicals. We use the highest quality and safest “green” products available for our customers. Our intention is that there is no more happy, comfortable or more attractive person than YOU as a result of your visit to our salon.

As an extra “thank you” we would like to offer you a small extra. Please be sure to tell your friends about our facility. For every new customer who mentions your name, we will credit $15.00 to your account. Let your friends, relatives, co-workers, neighbors and others know about [Name Of Business]. We pledge that we will continue to give you and your referrals the best quality and most responsive service possible.


Your Name
Your Business Name
E-mail: Phone: Fax:

PS: If you would like some referral cards to hand out to your friends with your name on them, let us know!

This letter was an actual letter we used in our business to help generate new clients. It was not a huge success but it was well worth it. We did get new business and referrals. However, the hidden benefit is that it simply another contact we mad with our clients.

Contacting your clients frequently is important because if you don’t stay in touch with them and present something new and interesting they will forget about you and move on (that why you should use newsletters).

This letter in conjunction with our numerous mini marketing systems help us build a very good business.

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