Hotel Sales Letter Sample!

A direct mail hotel sales letter is a great way to help you book your rooms.

The online marketplace for bookings is mostly about competing on price and not about the experience one can have at your hotel.

If you are in the luxury hotel business you are making a mistake by strictly competing on price because you will constantly be dealing with people who are looking for a deal, discounts, and sometimes they can be the most problematic guests.

Why not try positioning yourself as a hotel with exceptional service and amenities that will knock the socks of your guests rather than on price?

Take for example this basic ad copy for a hotel:

A 5 minute walk from Bend Whitewater Park, Stacy’s Hotel is a rustic yet elegant hotel that is a block from the nicest restaurants and breweries Oregon has to offer.

Modern meets country living in our rooms which have free wi-fi, large flat screen televisions, desks for work, and complimentary coffeemakers. Our suites have an additional living room.

On staff we have an esthetician, and a masseuse for spa services which you can have in your room or in our private spa for a reasonable fee.

We have a reception desk which is staffed 24/7, a restaurant which serves everything from hamburgers, steak, and seafood dishes.

Other amenities you will enjoy are the 24 hour gym which is loaded with weights, treadmills, rowing machines, and much more.

If you bring your dog we have an in house dog sitters who can walk and groom your dog for a reasonable fee.

Complimentary is our continental breakfast from 5am-9:30am 7 days per week.

This hotel advertisement is not bad, and perhaps it’s even ‘good’ for a basic description, online listing, or travel guide or insert where space is limited.

Notice how we did not position the price and instead highlighted the features and amenities.

But as you know you still have the eternal problem of competition.

There’s lots of hotels to choose from so how do you set yourself apart and get guests who are looking for a good experience and not a just a good cheap hotel room?

Well, one way to do it is to target a niche market and send them a hotel sales letter (see additional tips below this letter).

Hotel Sales Letter Sample!

Letter Date

Recipient Name
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Dear Recipient Name:

We want to introduce you to Sandy’s Hotel a rustic yet elegant place that has a great deal to offer to travelers looking for a destination where they can take it easy with amenities that make our guest feel at home. Memorable adventures and experiences await our guests in the nearby area.

You can walk to Bend Whitewater Park which is only 5-minutes away on foot. Once there you will find the water park offers a variety of river recreation opportunities including tubing, kayaking, and surfing. If your group includes children, there is also a sedate route for your water floating adventure.

There are varied dining options and restaurants with mouth-watering menus within walking distance of Sandy’s Hotel for you to enjoy. Bend is known as a craft beer paradise, and you can check out the many nearby micro-breweries and sample the fermented goodness that is featured there.

You will find our reception desk is there 24 hours a day seven days a week to be at your service.

Our rooms are a comfortable combination of modern meets country living. There you can relax and sip coffee made in our complimentary coffee maker while you watch the large flat screen television, or connect your device to the internet using the free wi-fi. There is also as a desk where you can work. For more space, book one of our suites as they have an additional living room.

Start your day with our complimentary continental breakfast from 5 am to 9: 30 am 7 days a week. Alternatively, if you prefer, Sandy’s Hotel has a restaurant which serves everything from basic hamburgers to foods like steaks and seafood.

Pamper yourself; we have an esthetician and a masseuse for serene spa services. For reasonable rates, you can arrange these services to be provided privately in your room or the relaxing environment of our spa.

You can keep in shape by hitting our gym which is open 24 hours. There you will find a plethora of weights, treadmills, rowing machines, and much more.

Dogs are always welcome at Sandy’s Hotel. We have, an in-house dog sitter who can walk and groom your dog while you are out and about enjoying yourself. All of these services offered at an affordable fee.

We feel you will enjoy your stay at Sandy’s Hotel not only for its comforts but the adventures and experiences that await you here.

Best Regards,


Contact Information

PS: Use the coupon that is attached by the date that is stamped on it to receive a a free round of golf at Sisters Golf Course when you book any room with us by: ______________.

PPS: Please visit our website for pictures and a virtual tour of the rooms and amenities at

This hotel marketing letter is an example of how to bring some of your features and services to life. In other words, provide a better mental image of what your guest will experience at your hotel and you will probably see a spike in bookings.

But that’s not all that makes this letter a potential winner. As you can see we’ve included a PS which provides another reason to book a room. You should always have some sort of offer with an expiration date. It doesn’t have to be a free round of golf, but if you are finding that a lot of golfers are booking with you then you should consider doing a joint venture with a local golf course and test it. You can even try offering free buckets of balls, or something.

The idea is to offer something of value that your potential guests want. For example, a free round of golf is much better than 20% off a kayak rental.

I know many businesses are crazy about driving traffic to their websites so here is an alternative PS or offer idea: ‘Use the coupon code XXXXXX on our website when you book your room by (date) and you will receive a free round of golf voucher for use at Sister Golf Course!’

Lastly, choose your mailing list wisely. If necessary, hire an experienced marketer who knows this part of the business because if you send a good letter to the wrong list you are waisting a lot of time and money.

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