Homeowners Insurance Prospecting Letter!

Can homeowners insurance prospecting letters generate qualified leads?

The problem that most agents have with insurance sales letters is that they don’t make the time to write them and mail them.

There is also another problem in the industry as a whole. Most agencies only send one letter to a list and if it doesn’t work they say to themselves, ‘marketing insurance through the mail does not work’.

Perhaps the solution is you need to send more than one letter and follow up consistently. I know, it sounds expensive and time consuming. But if you mail a sequence of letters to a well researched and highly qualified mailing list, and if you send all non responders a followup mailing (newsletters are best), you may find that it’s a very viable marketing medium (direct mail).

Homeowners Insurance Sales Prospecting Letter Sample!

June 13, 2021
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Dear Name,

Mother nature is unpredictable.

But so are baseballs, dogs and slippery sidewalks. Are you paying too much for a homeowner’s policy that covers too little? As a homeowner, you know insurance isn’t just about the big things. Lightening damage, dog bites and theft are some of the most costly claims we pay.

These are all serious issues that leave homeowner’s feeling out of control. Finding a sound homeowners policy through a trusted advisor is the best way to ensure you quickly regain stability and protect your savings when problems arise. Before reviewing your homeowner insurance policy, please call me for a free review and competitive, no obligation quote.

I would appreciate the chance to make sure your insurance policy is protecting you against all of life’s little hazards…I can keep deductibles low when accidents happen.

Thanks so much,

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Marketing homeowners insurance is not rocket science:

  1. Use a highly qualified list.
  2. Send a well crafted series of letters.
  3. Followup with a monthly newsletter and postcard.
  4. Make another offer (a different product, service, event, etc.)
  5. Don’t be boring.
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