Health Insurance Sales Letter!

Here is an example of a health insurance sales letter or group health insurance prospecting letter. Once again we are using an attention getting device called a grabber or ‘lumpy mail’ promotional item to get the attention of the reader.

Read this about lumpy mail grabbers that help you increase your response rates.

Health insurance sales letter example for better prospecting and lead generation:

million dollar bill

Dear Name,

As you can see I have attached a nice crisp $1,000,000.00 Bill to the top of this letter. Why have I done this? There are really two reasons:

1. I have something very important to tell you and I needed some way of grabbing your attention.

2. And second, since I specialize in helping Circle Lake businesses save thousands in employee benefits and other financial expenses, I thought this “Eye Catcher”
was especially appropriate.

In the last few weeks you’ve received two letters from me. I explained that I help businesses in the Circle Lake area save exceptional sums of money in needless employee benefit expenses.

I have worked with many business owners over the years and I know that at least (X%) pay needless benefit expenses. Expenses that ad up to tens of thousands of dollars.

That’s why I developed a program called a “20 Minute Benefit Analysis”…

Meet with me for twenty minutes and I will show you to save at least another $2,500.00 in employee benefit expenses. If not, then I will gladly write you or your favorite charity a check for $50.00. No questions asked.

Plus, as a free bonus when we meet I’ll hand you a copy of a free special report called, “Name Of Special Report.” Inside you’ll discover the most common and critical mistakes most business owners make when planning for (name of area) retirement.

So call {555-555-5555} today to schedule your FREE “20 Minute Benefit Analysis and get a copy of our special free report.

John Salvador

P.S. Even if you decide you don’t want this valuable service, please call my office anyway for a copy of the free special report, “Name Of Special Report.”

This is an example of a health insurance sale letter. For more insurance prospecting letters and examples go here for more tips and recommendations.

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If you want to have a copy of this letter you can click the image of it below to save it to your computer:

insurance sales letter

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