Hair Salon Sales Letter!

Below are two hair salon sales letters that you can model for your salon.

These letters can also be adjusted and modeled for any beauty salon, spa, or nail salon.

The first letter is a more down to earth soft selling letter. You can model and use it in conjunction with a more aggressive marketing letter (letter #2) that uses more proven direct marketing techniques to boost response rates to your marketing pieces.

Non-Aggressive Hair Salon Sales Letter #1:

Dear (Name),

Throughout history, there has been a deep personal relationship between a woman and her hair. This is because we often see our hair as a reflection of our identity.

With great hair, we not only feel more attractive, but we feel more confident and more secure in our ability to meet our daily challenges. In fact, many women feel that a ‘bad hair day’ will somehow ruin their day!

At (Name of Salon), we completely understand this connection with our hair, and we make it our business to ensure that our customers are always looking their loveliest.

Conveniently located in (location), we offer a full range of services including hair coloring, styling, blow-outs, deep conditioning, extensions and much, much more!

While we also provide services to men, we are especially reaching out to women in our community.

We know that your days are hectic! By taking time to care for your hair, you are replenishing a personal sense of well-being that is sometimes depleted by daily demands.

Our salon is bright, comfortable and serene, and from the moment you walk through our front door until the moment you exit, we will pamper you with caring and personalized attention.

All of our stylists and beauty professionals are highly talented and bring years of experience to their work. We take pride in our skills, and we often develop long-term, trusting relationships with their clients.

We hope that you will schedule an appointment with us so that you can experience the difference! Or stop by our salon and check us out! We would love to meet you and give you a tour of our facility.

Our phone number is (phone #), and our address is (address). We look forward to seeing you and hope that you will give us the opportunity to help you look your loveliest!

Your Name
Contact Information

More Aggressive Hair Salon Letter #2:

See my article on how to format your letters. You should almost always have a picture aligned to the left side of the headline with a caption underneath the picture to make your letter stand out and make it more interesting, real, and you’ll increase the readership of your letter.

FREE Hair Care Beauty Pack & Follicle Assessment Valued At $97.50 With Any Service!

Dear [Name],

Hi! My name is [Your Name], and I am the owner of [Name Of Salon or Spa].

Do you want gorgeous, head turning hair and gifts valued up to $97.50?

If you answered ‘Yes’, then here’s how…

Bring this letter to [Name of Salon – Directions], right between the bank and the mall, and with any service you’ll receive [Your offer] a FREE beauty pack with shampoos, conditioners, beauty products and discount coupons PLUS a follicle assessment, all up valued at $97.50.

But it’s for new clients only, and you must call [Phone Number] 555- 123- 1234 by [Time and Date] 5pm this Saturday as bookings are essential.

I can’t wait to make your hair more gorgeous than ever, and give you the unique gifts too!


[Your Name]
[Name Of Salon or Spa]

P.S.: Here’s what clients are saying about us:
[Testimonial] “I was amazed at not only the stunning results I got from Main St Hair & Beauty, but also the way it looked just as good in the days and weeks afterwards! My great new style looked better for longer than ever before!”
Katherine Mosby, New Client, Lives Just Off Main St.

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