Graphic Design Sales Letter!

A graphic design sales letter should not be loaded with samples of your work. In fact, less is better.

A letter should focus more on explaining the benefits of your services rather than showing how great you are at graphic design.

Certainly people want to see your work. But you also need to guide your audience to take action and call you or hire you (or ad themselves to your mailing list, request more information etc.) This requires you to provide your prospective clients a reason why they should call you, hire you, or get your freebie.

Graphic Design Sales Letter Sample!

Recipients Name
City, State Zip

Dear (Name),

Are your online and offline marketing pieces converting prospects into paying clients?

The goal of your marketing pieces, whether it’s your website, an email, or a printed letter or brochure, should be to drive prospective customers (or clients) to take action and ultimately buy your products and services.

That’s where I come in! My name is (Name) and I am a Unicorn. Ok, I’m not really a Unicorn, but I am a rare breed. I am both a graphic designer and copywriter. In other words, I can create awesome graphics and images and also write copy that is engaging and gets people to take action. That is a very hard combination to come by.

My graphic design company is called Rare Breed Designs and I have a well trained team that can take on anything from a high quality logo, brochure, or tradeshow display, to a full blown online and offline advertising campaign.

For example, here’s what some of our current clients are saying:


To prove that myself and my team over here at Rare Breed Designs is worthy of your business I would like to extend a special one time offer.

Enclosed you will find a certificate which entitles you to a free sample postcard or brochure design and ad copy for any marketing campaign you are working on or have in the pipeline. If you don’t like it you don’t have to pay a dime and you can keep it. No hard feelings and no strings attached.

To take advantage of this free sample design please call us a 555-555-5555 anytime 24 hours, or go to this website and type in your special code (it’s on your certificate):

We are really excited to work on your free sample design. We love what we do and I know you’ll see that this passion will translate over to your design.

I am looking forward to working with you and your staff!


Name (aka Unicorn)
Contact Information

PS: If you are tired of getting poor results from your marketing pieces give me a call right now and lets work together to grow your sales like never before!

PPS: Don’t be shy. Call or go to our website right now to take advantage of your free design and ad copy before the expiration date on your certificate.

PPPS: If you want to see client case studies and samples of our work go to and click on ‘Case Studies’ or ‘Portfolio’.

This letter needs a little bit of formatting. I also like to include a headshot of myself along with a caption underneath the picture and aligned to the left hand side of the letter. See an example of a salon letter here (bottom of the page).

You may want to include a headline rather than keeping the area above the salutation blank. A headline will grab the attention of your audience. A really good headline will get your prospects excited to keep reading your letter.

Graphic Design Marketing Letter Using a ‘Grabber’ (or Promotional Item)!

You should send more than one letter to each and every prospect. In one or all of your sequences you should use either a ‘grabber’ or a promotional item. I am not going to go into detail on why because you can read about that here and here.

Are Poor Results From Your Marketing Campaigns Giving You A Stomach Ache?

Recipients Name
City, State Zip

Dear (Name),

If you want to turn your low performing marketing pieces into client attraction magnets then I’ve got something important to tell you.

My name is (Name) and I am what many would call a graphic designer. But I am not any old graphic artist. I have a special talent of combining awesome graphics with compelling advertising copy which grabs the attention of your audience and gets them to take action and respond.

…And then you continue on with your ad copy here (see the letter above for ideas).

Graphic Design Marketing Tips!

The ‘grabber’ example above is just one idea of thousands you can use in your marketing to grab attention and stand out from the crowd.

For example you can use shredded money, real money (nickle, dime, penny), fake money, big money, rubber bands, a compass, a worry doll, a round tuit, etc. etc.

Simply tie your marketing message in with the grabber. For example:

  • Big Money: Here’s 10 Reasons Why You’ll Save Big Money Working With Name Of Graphic Design Company!

  • Foreign Currency: I know this foreign currency looks fancy and appears valuable, but it’s not. In fact it’s darn near worthless. It’s the same situation with graphic designers. Most of them are very good at making pretty looking images and artwork, but is it getting prospective customers to take action and buy something or click a button on your website?

  • Worry Doll: Never Worry About Poor Response Rates From Your Marketing Again!

If you are going to send a branding (image oriented) marketing sequence of postcards and or brochures then try using a grabber letter as a follow up in the sequence. This will interrupt the standard image type marketing you are doing and get some (or many) of the prospects to read your ad copy and finally respond.

For example you could use the round tuit on top of the letter and say something like…

“Over the past several weeks (or months) I sent you samples of our graphic design work but I haven’t heard from you. I’m sure you’re very busy and that eventually you are going to get around to it.  That’s why I’ve put this ‘Round Tuit’ on top of this letter!”


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