Furniture Store Sales Letter Example!

Below is a sales letter that a furniture store could use to sell it’s reclaimed wood furniture, or you could simply edit it to sell regular furniture (if you want the actual sales letter please let us know). Notice how we use ‘Reason Why’ copywriting:

Dear (Name),

Here’s a unique opportunity to purchase a beautiful, heirloom-quality dining room table and 6 chair set made from reclaimed wood for only $499!

But this opportunity is time sensitive. If you are one of the first five people to respond to this letter, you will take ownership of a table of your dreams for a fraction of the retail cost.

3 Reasons To Get Our Reclaimed Wood Dining Set!

The first reason you should get this dining set is because it is crafted from lovely reclaimed materials which are less expensive than new materials, and we hand select the best pieces for each dining set or furniture.

The second reason is because each dining set is unique. Since we hand select each piece of wood to make our furniture you’ll be getting an original, hand crafted dining set made from a diverse range of quality reclaimed material.

The third reason is that we are hoping to move some of our existing inventory to make room for new selections. To be honest, our hope is that, with this offer, we will also be able to introduce new customers to our furniture selections. Once you experience the pride in owning a quality piece of furniture made from reclaimed materials, you will most likely return again and again.

Reclaimed Furniture and The Environment

Our company is not only committed to quality craftsmanship, but we are also deeply dedicated to the stewardship of our environment. By selling furniture made with reclaimed wood, we are doing our part to encourage our customers to enhance their homes in an environmentally sensitive way.

In addition we use environmentally friendly sealants and glues in our work which do not water- or bio-based glues or sealants that do not contain chemicals that are toxic and harmful to the air quality in your home or the environment.

So…our desire to move our inventory and our eagerness to introduce you to the beauty of reclaimed, environmentally friendly furniture is now your opportunity.

Our promotion originally was scheduled to end at (date), but we are extending the date to give our outreach efforts the widest reach possible. Our extended deadline is now (date).

Easy Payment Plan and Zero Percent Interest!

If you are one of the two people to reply first, you will not only have the opportunity to purchase a beautiful table set at a tremendous discount, but you will also be eligible to make three payments of this cost at zero percent interest!

The fastest way to respond to this offer is to call us at (phone #). However, if you are still undecided, you can request that more information be email, faxed, or mailed to you (however this is a time sensitive offer so you could miss out if you wait for mail).

This is a golden opportunity that you will never regret pursuing. As your family and friends gather around your beautiful table that is steeped with tradition, you will be thankful that you picked up the phone so quickly. We wish you the best success in this amazing offer!



P.S. This letter is being sent to (number) people, but only the first two respondees will benefit from this offer. Do not delay!

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