Follow Up Marketing System: Your Plan!

Now it’s time to kick back and relax, right? NOT! It’s time to get organized. On average, a new sales lead needs contacted about five times before a sale is closed. So you need to plan a long-term strategy of follow up.

If you’re already an organized person, great. If not, check out planner systems like Franklin Covey or Day Runner supplies at a local office supply store or online. You’ll want to set up a 3-ring binder with specific day-to-day organized follow up campaign space.

Small planners are “cute” but make sure you have plenty of room to take notes during telephone conversations and space to log directions to their residence or place of business to meet in person. Plan room to grow.

Next, decide on how many sales you’d like to have per day ideally. Which policies earn you more money? Which products are you more familiar with? Then plan an income strategy.

For example, if you’re more familiar with term insurance, plan on selling 2 new policies per day for starters. Then plan who you will contact and how, and note on your calendar when you will follow up with contact #2, #3, etc. until you get a sale from as many people as you can on your leads list. Increase the number of calls per day when yore ready to increase calls, letters, sales, etc.

Complete with prepared scripts so that you will know EXACTLY what to say each day during your campaign. Even experienced sellers can become sidetracked and skip an important step in the presentation, so have a script or at least an outline with important sales points in bullets handy.

Get help from the pros. Companies like Franklin Covey offer online classes, books, presentations, videos and cassettes to help improve your planning skills. Ask your local librarian to help you find materials to check out. Plenty of websites offer articles for help, too. But don’t stagnate.

Especially with handheld gadgets in the market today, technology can really given your planning a boost with automated log sheets for easy downloading, database solutions to keep up with your leads, and much more.

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