Sample Financial Planning Sales Letter Sequence!

Below is a series of three financial planning sales letters that I hired an up and coming copywriter to write for me about ten years ago, give or take. I also included them in my book 21st Century Lead Generation (which is no longer available).

These letters are exceptional in terms of copywriting and they received a good response when they were used in Australia.

You can model them for your business lead generation efforts. Keep in mind they were formatted differently than they appear in this article. There was different bolding and fonts used.

Do not copy them. Thank you.

By the way, this article is loaded with information you can use in your newsletters and sales material to create desire in your prospects.

“How The Government’s New Tax Laws Could Decide Whether You Retire In Comfort Or In Poverty!”

If you’re concerned about the enormous taxes and hefty fees you’re paying for your investments and 401k, and maybe you’re not happy with the returns your getting…

Then Please Read This Report Right Now…

You’ll discover how to legally reduce the taxes you have to pay, eliminate as many fees as possible and above all get consistently higher returns than you’ve ever gotten from your investments and superannuation!

Dear Reader,

It’s a fact. 96% of all people will not be financially secure at retirement. Yep, only a lousy 4% of the entire human population will be able to live the lifestyle they want after they call it a day.

And the worst part is that this haunting statistic includes us all, doctors, business owners, managers, you name it. I’m not talking about people born into poverty. I’m referring to the millions of people in this country who manage to build up some kind of nest egg, only to have it constantly eroded through excessive fees and taxes.

The reason is simply that too many of us are unable to keep up with all the latest changes to regulations, the law, and so on. Most people know that something’s wrong… but putting their finger on the exact problem is a difficult task for someone not professionally trained to do so.

But a trained eye such as mine can see these problems clearly…

I know the signs to watch out for and how to help you cut right down on your taxes, fees and also get far better returns.

18 Years Of Hands-On Experience

That’s because for the past 18 years I’ve been helping average Australians just like you build up a nest egg which will provide for them after they’ve finished their career. Helping them make the right decisions…not based on my own products, but based on getting them the maximum retirement funds they can legally keep. You see, I’m a professional financial adviser; I specialize in maximizing the investments and 401k plans my clients need to retire in comfort.

And over the years I’ve managed to stay up to date with all the various changes the Government keeps making to the super laws. And more importantly I’ve figured out ways my clients can pay much lower fees and taxes…while over the last 6 years…

None Of My Clients Have Ever Lost Money

Simple as that. Not one. It’s a very rewarding job I must tell you. Even after all this time I still get a thrill seeing my clients with big smiles on their faces…because their statements are so much higher than they expected.

Do You Ever Get The Feeling That Your Super Isn’t Going To Be Enough To Keep You Living The Lifestyle You Want When You Stop Working?

If so, like I said, you’re not alone. It’s just a fact of life: Most people will not take action to improve their lives, even when an ideal solution presents itself. So before I tell you all about the latest super rule changes, I’ve got a warning for you, and a question I want you to ask yourself…

Look, the fact is that 95% of people will ignore this report. Decide that it doesn’t have anything of interest for them. They’ll throw it in the bin. They won’t read what’s in these pages, I’ll have wasted my time. It won’t change their lives. Or their bank balance.

But 5% of people will discover the information inside, and a smaller percentage will take action to create a better future. They’ll benefit from the knowledge, and they will be the ones to retire comfortably. The question I want you to ask yourself is this:

Which Group Do YOU Want To Belong To?

Still with me? Great. Because I have some of the very latest up to date information on how the new tax laws will affect how much money you get to keep.

Call 800 123 1234 and leave your details on our 24hr Free Recorded Message bank, and we’ll send you a FREE 32 page report, a FREE ‘World’s Best Investor” and a FREE financial assessment, valued at a total of $497.00. But you must call before the date stamped in red below, to avoid disappointment, as I only have 48 sets of free gifts. Call now!

To your success,


P.S. Call now for your FREE report, coffee cup and assessment.

Second Followup Financial Planning Sales Letter!

Why Have I Attached A 10-Cent Piece To The Top Of This Letter?

There are 2 very good reasons for this…

1. What I have to say to you today is very important, and I wanted to make sure I got your attention. Hopefully I have done that.

2. Also, I want to tell you how I can save you a bundle on your taxes and fees, as well as get you far better returns than you ever have before. So the 10-cent coin seemed appropriate.

As you may recall, a few weeks ago you requested some free information about retiring earlier and richer, and unless I’m mistaken, I haven’t heard from you since.

I sent you a free report on the ten latest changes the government’s just made to your superannuation laws…and I made you a risk-free offer valued at $695.
Anyway, for whatever reason, I haven’t heard back from you yet. I’m sure there are plenty of reasons why, we’re all busy, what with kids, spouses, jobs, businesses to run, whatever the reason was, I urge you to read the report again NOW, it’s that important to your future.

I know you’re busy and it’s very easy to procrastinate. So I’m giving you another chance to get started…I’ve extended my special bonus offer…but your new deadline is stamped below.

Look, please shut the door, take the phone off the hook, close your email program, and read the report again, it really is that important! I mean, how much do you value not only a comfortable retirement, but maybe even a wealthy retirement? An early retirement?

Regards, X

P.S. Remember there’s absolutely no obligation to give me any money…I just want to make sure you’re going to be comfortable when you finally do retire.

P.P.S. Your extended deadline for this limited offer is:

Third and Final Notice Financial Planning Sales Letter!

3rd And Final Notice

A few weeks ago you requested a FREE Report ““The 10 New Tax Law Changes That Could Decide Whether You Retire In Comfort Or In Poverty!”
And unless I’m mistaken we haven’t heard from you since.

Look, there’s plenty going on in your life to distract you from what needs to be done. Family, work, business, we’ve gone over all that.

But the very fact that you asked for the information tells me one thing:
That you’re the sort of person who takes care of themselves and their family, you don’t let stuff like superannuation and government law get in the way of your way of life. So I assume that something’s come up in the meantime.

Anyway, I’d really hate to think what any further delay is going to cost you, so I’m extending this limited offer for you one last time. PLUS I’ve included another copy of the report just in case. (My wife is always throwing stuff in the recycle bin if I leave it laying around for more than 5 minutes…)

If you want to take advantage of my risk free offer of a FREE personal ‘Nest Egg Assessment’ and a FREE ‘Super Nest Egg Pack’ valued at $695 then please pick up that telephone and call me on 555-555-5555. Call right now while it’s fresh in your mind.

Warm regards, X

P.S. Don’t forget, you are under no obligation to continue with my services at all, just don’t allow yourself to ignore what could end up being a disaster. Literally.

P.P.S. Your final deadline for this extra special limited offer is:

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