Financial Advisor Email Marketing!

Financial advisor email marketing is a sophisticated subject because there are many different ways of using email to generate new clients and to nurture current client relationships.

In this article I will discuss how to use email to get new clients through lead generation. In a future article I will discuss how to use cold email (or prospecting emails) to generate new clients.

So, lets define a ‘lead’. A lead is someone who has shown interest in your services. A ‘prospect’ is someone you identified as an ideal client but has not shown interest in your services yet.

How To Generate Interest In Your Services!

There are many ways to generate interest in your services. One way is to use ‘lead magnets’.

A ‘lead magnet’ is something that you offer in exchange for a prospects contact information. It is often an information product or an invitation to an event. Sometimes it is simply a free gift.

A good quality information product will help you get your foot in the door, establish yourself as an expert.

For example:

  • Host a seminar or webinar on how to pay less taxes.
  • Offer free information in the form of a report, white paper, video, or mini course. You or a freelancer can easily create a quality information product on any number of subjects that people might be interested in. For example, you could offer a free report or video on how to a trust can protect assets from being taken by the IRS, etc.

Regardless of what information you are creating to get people interested in your services you must collect a prospects contact information in order to send them the information. An email address is going to be one of these bits of information.

After you get your prospects contact information you are going to send them a series of emails, with their permission, that contain interesting and helpful information. This way you establish expert status and build a relationship over time.

You will not manually send the emails yourself. You will use an autoresponder which automatically sends custom emails on a schedule that you set.

Attention: Do not send sales information or really boring corporate style information. It will not be read by your prospect. You’ll bore the heck out of them.

Financial Advisor Email Marketing Letter Samples!

Autoresponder Letter #1.

Dear Name,

Here’s the first installment of your 3 part e-course in Slashing Your Taxes! Part 1: Company Benefits And Tax Breaks!

Take a good hard look at your company benefits. There could be as many as 10 or more choices to make. And by making the right choices, you could save big bucks on your tax.

Here’s a few pointers to run by your boss and the number crunchers…Proper use of deductions, medical, life and dental insurance ‘cafeteria’ options, stock purchase plans, expense reimbursements, there are literally dozens of tax breaks that employees can take advantage of, through their company benefits.

Most people choose the options that the ‘guys’ all chose, whatever gets talked about over lunch. Or they pick the benefits based on a ‘quick and dirty’ selection while watching the news before they go to bed. And the booklets with all the info get chucked into a drawer, never seeing the light of day again.

This is a big mistake. It’s amazing how much of your precious money is flushed away because most employees’ eyes glaze over at the very thought of all that choice. The booklets and the explanations are too often full of mumbo- jumbo, number-cruncher jargon that makes them sound ‘professional’, whether you get it or not.

One answer is to coordinate your benefit package with your other personal finances. If you choose options based on ‘getting it over with’, it’s like choosing the closest bottle of pills without reading the label.


P.S. If you really want to make these taxes go away (as much as possible anyway), then call me on 477 5184 and book your complementary Nest Egg Assessment and Super Nest Egg Pack worth $130.00! Go to http://

Autoresponder Letter # 2.

Dear Name,

Here’s the second installment of your 3 part e-course in Slashing Your Taxes! Part 2: Home Financing

With the elimination of many tax deductions, your home may still be an excellent tax shelter. All it takes is some planning to determine what is the proper amount of mortgage to have, and then by maximizing your interest deductions, you will save considerable taxes.

For example, when you buy a new home, all the interest up to a one million dollar mortgage is deductible. When refinancing, only and additional $100,000 of equity may be used to create new tax deductions.

Let’s take a look at what would happen if you refinanced and added the interest deduction of an extra $100,000 mortgage. You would have $8,000 in new deductions (Assuming an 8% interest rate) which would save you as much as $2,480 in taxes!

Of course, don’t forget that there are many variables that need to be address before you make any financing decisions!


P.S. If you really want to make these taxes go away (as much as possible anyway), then call me on 477 5184 and book your complementary Nest Egg Assessment and Super Nest Egg Pack worth $130.00! Go to http://

Autoresponder Letter #3.

Dear Name,

Here’s the third installment of your 3 part e-course in Slashing Your Tax! Part 3: Overpaying Withholding Taxes Is A Big Mistake!

Let’s look at an example…Kate and Aaron, being good students of tax reduction, have set themselves up to save $4,800 in taxes for this year. If they kept their withholdings at the same level, they would get a big refund next year. This ‘loan’ they would be MAKING TO the tax department is free of interest, but would cost Kate and Aaron several hundred dollars of interest that they may never see.

On the other hand, by changing their withholdings, they end up getting a $400 per month extra take home pay, NOW, which they can invest somewhere else instead of giving it to the taxman!

It’s a big misconception that you cannot increase your exemptions (on your W-, without getting the tax department all over your back. You are allowed under the law to only withhold the amount of taxes you expect to pay. Actually, as long as you end up within 90% of your final liability, you won’t even get a penalty when you pay the balance with your return!

Never ever give them money that is YOURS. Never be afraid of doing what the law allows.


P.S. If you really want to make these taxes go away (as much as possible anyway), then call me on 477 5184 and book your complementary Nest Egg Assessment and Super Nest Egg Pack worth $130.00! Go to http://

My Email Marketing Rule Of Sevens!

These autoresponder financial advisor email marketing letters are examples only and there are only three. You should create more, like seven to twelve. And after those are finished keep sending your leads more information interspersed with an invitation to an event like a seminar or webinar etc.

A rule of thumb I like to use is to send seven emails that contain (or link to) quality content and then make an offer of some sort. And then send another seven etc. etc.

The first step is to set up your email marketing system and then use a form that every autoresponder company provides. A form allows your prospect to input their contact information on your website landing page in exchange for the information you are offering. It’s just like a contact form.

Need Idea On What To Send or Write About?

Create an information product (report) or a video that covers an interesting subject and present it in an interesting way (in other words don’t be boring).

For example:

  • Free Mini Course: 10 Ways To Slash Your Taxes!
  • Free Report: 7 Tax Deductions Your CPA May Not Know About!
  • Free Webinar: Legally Protect Your Parents Assets From Being Taken By Medicaid!
  • Free Seminar: Don’t Let The IRS Take Half (or More) Of Your IRA!
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