Dentist Marketing Letter

Dentist Marketing Letter Sample:

Below is a sales letter for Dentists. It is a general introductory letter that requires a little formatting, and other cosmetic details including a picture, headline, and PS. You should also include a more solid offer with a deadline…

Dear (Name),

Whether you are new to the area and are looking for a dentist to take care of your family’s dental needs, or you have decided to explore a dental service other than the one you currently use, we invite you to consider (name of dental practice).

Serving the (name of area), we have been in business for (number of years). Using state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technology, our experienced staff is carefully trained to treat all members of your family, no matter what age. As a family dental practice, we believe that caring for multiple generations will help teach children the importance of good oral practices. We especially pride ourselves on the gentle care we offer to children and the elderly.

Strong, healthy teeth are important tools to help process food so that our bodies receive the nutrients needed for overall nourishment and growth. And we all know how healthy teeth can affect the quality of our smiles and how our smiles can affect our self-esteem. The quality of our speech can also be compromised by the condition of our teeth.

Healthy teeth cannot be taken for granted. Some studies indicate that dental health and hygiene can actually increase our lifespans! At (Name of dental practice), we want you and your family members to have teeth that last a lifetime.

By selecting (name of dental practice) for your dental needs, your family can benefit from:

  • Preventative and restorative care for all ages
  • Quality, life-long dental care
  • Advanced technology
  • Gentle techniques
  • Personalized care
  • Convenient appointments

You will find that having a “one stop dental shop” will simplify your busy life and will ensure dental health for your whole family.

Please call us at (phone #) today to schedule an introductory visit.




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  1. I am myself a dentist and this blog was very interesting for me in this case, i got new news from here.

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