Create An Effective Prospecting Letter!

In the last Secret I gave you one simple method that will help you get your envelopes opened by your prospect (if you don’t understand the importance of this method, you should go back and read it.)

The next step is to create a sales letter that doesn’t get thrown in the trash. This way when you follow up, your prospect should actually remember your letter. And if you write it effectively, they will even remember your name.

No need to reinvent the wheel. Here are several tips for creating great sales copy…

First of all, make your letter look like a letter and not a brochure or ad. Make sure all your contact information is listed under your signature and/or at the very bottom of the letter.

This way potential clients can contact you via e-mail, phone, fax or visit your information site online (I know it sounds basic, but you would be surprised at how often complete contact information is deleted.)

Include your picture on the upper left corner, and insert a headline next to it.

Your headline should be powerful enough that it makes your reader WANT to read the first sentence of your letter.

Open with one or two lines. Period. And open with your BEST stuff: your strongest benefit. Then follow up with paragraphs of additional benefits. You want to entice your readers to contact you.

Make your letter easy on the eyes with some…SOME white space and paragraphs no longer than about six lines each (the more you tell the more you sell). And choose an easily readable font (10-12). An 8-point script font would be tough to read at the end of a long workday.

Add your signature and then a PS. Make this PS emphasize your best offer and add a call to action. Tell readers EXACTLY what to do and when. For example, call: (800) 233-3333 TODAY for your free 2009 Insurance Comparison Report.

Do test your response rates first, though. And ask yourself: is this the correct number for them to dial? Do I have voice-mail and ASK them to leave their name, phone number, etc. for mailing the info? Listen to your recording and make sure callers do NOT have to travel through a maze of automated menus to leave a message.

PS – Don’t be afraid to ask for a sale here!

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