Contactor Marketing Letter Sample

Below is a good, basic introductory contractor marketing letter that you can model. I suggest you use this as a first step on your sequence, and mail at least one or two more letters, or postcards. Sequencing a series of letters that draws attention to each previous letter – using grabbers – is a proven way to boost response.

After all, one new client will more than pay for a three sequenced mailing to 5 or 10 thousand people. If you use this lifetime value of your client as a factor in your business you’ll find that market consistently is going to be one of your most profitable endeavors.

Side Bar: Send letters and thank you notes to all of your current clients NOW, because you’ll impress them and get new business and referrals as a result. I know dozens of contractors and none of them do this. But when the handful of contractors I asked to do this, they started getting more business than they could handle. But of course, they were able to grow their businesses and focus more on the fun marketing stuff: direct mail, newsletters, internet, social media, etc.

Here Is Your Sample Contractor Marketing Letter:

Dear (Name),

As a homeowner, we know that you take pride in your home. Your home is a reflection of your tastes, your lifestyle and your interests.

However, no home is perfect. The bathroom may be too small. The kitchen cabinetry may be dated. Your entertainment space may be limited. Perhaps your windows are not energy efficient. Maybe you dream of a new patio or deck…or even a whole new addition. Only you know what can make your house the home of your dreams.

Whether you have decided to make improvements to your home for your own pleasure or you are preparing your house for the market, it’s important to work with contractors who are experienced and licensed and who offer the greatest value at an affordable cost.

(Name of company) has been in business for (# of years) and has enjoyed a solid reputation in the area. We are now in the position to expand our business and would like to personally introduce ourselves.

We guarantee our customers:

  • A customized approach
  • Reasonable estimates
  • A wide selection of high quality and affordable materials
  • Quality workmanship from an experienced crew
  • Timely completion
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • No project is too small…or too large…for us to handle!

At (Name of company), we know that every project is important and quality counts, no matter what the size!

As part of our customer service, we offer free consultations and estimates at no cost to you. Give us a call at (phone #) or email us at (email address). We will schedule a visit to your home at a time convenient to you. Please know that there is no obligation on your part. Our primary goal is to offer you options that meet your design and financial criteria. We look forward to your call!



PS: Please look us up on Yelp. You’ll find happy clients who wrote nice things about us, and I am hoping we’ll achieve the same results with you. Here is what two of our most recent customers has to say:



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