Cold Calling? Never Again!

Never Cold Call Again! Use This Simple And Fun Prospecting Secret To Get Appointments With Hard To Reach Prospects!

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There is a common theme in the business world when it comes to marketing letters and prospecting…

“Cold Calling is a cost effective way to get new business.”

It’s cost effective in the short run, and it can be lucrative…if you’re lucky.

These two benefits of cold calling keep business owners plugging away at it.

But what many businesses fail to see is the fact that it is actually hurting them more than it is helping. Let me explain…

Imagine your prospect sitting at home or in the office. They hear their phone ring, look at the caller ID, and it says “ID Blocked”. What does this person have to hide? They think.

Well, I better answer it just in case my wife or daughter need me.

“Hello, is Mr. or Mrs. Business Owner available?” The voice on the other side says. “Great”, you think. “I’ve been suckered again.”

At this point you are anxious to hang up, and if you are really sensitive you will wait to hang up the phone and pretend to be interested until there is an opening for you to say, “I’m not interested.” Or, “Can you mail me some information.”

The best words to describe cold calling? Intrusive, and negative. Those are the two words that come to mind immediately. Oh, yeah, and if I had to start cold calling again (I used to do it too), I the word that comes to mind is ‘nausea’.

But, the fact is: One in 100 cold calls will end up in a sale or an appointment. So businesses are sticking with this process.

On the contrary, many sales are being lost simply because you have (possibly) annoyed your best prospects. And if you try to reach them via any other means (mail, internet, etc.) your credibility has diminished, and therefore response will be lower than it should be.

It’s a wasted call, unless you have their attention beforehand (in a moment I’ll explain). Does this sound familiar…

Remember when you first started out on your first cold calling rampage? You were anxious to hit the phones and make an impression, right?

Eventually cold calling killed your spirit. You dreaded going to the office and getting on the phone. You dreaded even answering your phone.

Cold calling angers people on the other end of the phone. And when you deal with anger, and negative energy for hours and days on end, what happens? You get burnt out. You hate it. And you eventually quit doing it. You’ll do almost anything to avoid it.

Sure, one out of every 100 sales people actually enjoy the challenge of cold calling. And that’s great. But in the long run it’s hurting more businesses than it is helping. Because they are going to deal with all kinds of turnover. Or, if you are doing the calling yourself, you’ve got to find ways to motivate yourself everyday to make those calls. But it’s no way to live.

I hated cold calling. I would find all kinds of reasons to avoid it. I would find reasons to go an errands, get something to eat, move paperwork around. You name it. But the problem with that is I needed to get appointments, I needed to make sales, or I wouldn’t eat. So I had to find an alternative to make prospecting and getting new business without making a cold call.

What’s the alternative? Warm up your prospects, or generate leads.

Warm up your prospects by sending them a series of letters (that they actually open and read…very important), letting them know you are going to call. That’s how you warm them up.

But these letters have to be packaged and written in a way that keeps them interested and open to taking your call.

That’s exactly what I am going to cover hear. How to make prospecting and selling easier by warming up your prospects ahead of time.

I will also show you how to generate leads so that you don’t have to call (but I highly recommend calling because it can at least double or triple your appointments and/or sales in of itself.)

The information you are about to discover will help you or your sales staff make cold calling a thing of the past…even enjoy calling!?

I am not saying that you won’t get people who are still bothered by your call. That would be impossible, because there are always negative people around. But I will say that you will make a lot more appointments, make more sales, and reduce turnover by implementing the ideas and strategies that are going to be handed to you in a moment.

Begin your journey to better lead generation and prospecting results with effective marketing letters and prospecting letters now. Start here.

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