How to Generate New Business With Thank you Notes, Letters, and Cards!

Having and maintaining good customer relationship is important for the growth of any business. To maintain a good relationship with customers, it’s essential to treat your customers better than your competition.

Thank you notes, letters and cards are a great way to get new and old customers coming back for your services. Below are a few ideas on how to use thank you notes, letters and cards to ensure you’ve got a steady flow of customers to your new business.

Thank You Letters

Letters are a good business tactic to keep in touch with clients while generating a new business. Letters can be used in every business imaginable from real estate and insurance to flower shops and bakeries and everything in between. Continue reading How to Generate New Business With Thank you Notes, Letters, and Cards!

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Retail Spring Into Savings Postcard!

This is a sample retail Spring Into Savings postcard marketing that we used for at least two years.

A seasonal promotion like this Spring or Easter postcard marketing strategy works hand in hand with a seasonal email marketing sequence and text message marketing.

Front Of Spring Into Savings Postcard.

Back Of Spring/Easter Postcard. Continue reading Retail Spring Into Savings Postcard!

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Postcard Marketing System

An old school postcard marketing system that still works today is to Sequence Your Postcards:

An effective strategy to squeeze out every possible prospect from your list is to sequence your postcards 7-10 days apart for the first 3 or 4. The second through fourth postcards should have ***SECOND NOTICE!***, ***THIRD NOTICE!***, and ***Urgent FINAL NOTICE!*** blazing above the headline.

The ideas is to sequence all your mailings at least 3 times 7-10 days apart to get maximum response. Do not send out one postcard and wait for the phone to ring. You must have a three-postcard sequence minimum to complete the sequence (and to finish up the “test”, more on this…)

Finish the sequence and measure response. Then all non-responders stay on your mailing list for twelve months. Mail them every month.

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Two Quick Ideas: Continue reading Postcard Marketing System