Car Sales Follow Up Letter!

Selling cars is not easy. There’s tons of competition and it’s easy to shop online. You can send requests for pricing to multiple dealers in minutes. And your responses and follow methods are crucial to set you apart from the other dealers you’re competing against.

Here are several email letter options that you can model in your dealership (these letters can also be used in printed letters as well. I recommend sending written letters and hand written thank you notes because nobody is doing it anymore and it makes a big impact. Much more so than email).

Car Salesmen Follow Up Letter #1:

This letter is an example of an email response you may consider modeling in your prospecting of Internet vehicle shoppers.

Dear Name,

Thanks for your email. My name is John Snow. The information you requested is below. I also included details on two SUV’s I thought you might like to take a look at as well since they fall within your budget and requirements. They get very good gas mileage, both in city and on the highway, and have very high safety ratings.

Please contact me if you have any further questions. If one of these cars interest you please let me know as soon as you have some time.

Thanks again,
John Snow
Contact Information

Optional Follow Up Letter #2:

Dear Name,

Thanks for requesting information on the Name Of Car (car #1). Below I have summarized the information you requested on this vehicle. Also, I included information on another car that I thought you might be interested in. It gets excellent gas mileage. In fact it has the best mpg ratings in it’s class and as a result, over time it will save you money over the name of car (car #1).

Let me know if either one of these vehicles interests you.

Thank you,

John Snow
Contact Information

Classic Internet Car Shopper Customer Email!

Potential customer’s email:

Hi there. I am interested in the 2012 Ford Explorer. Is it still available? If so, what’s the best price you can give me?



Care Salesmen E-mail Letter Response:

John Snow’s response to Jennifer’s email:

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for your email. We just received that Explorer on the lot a few days ago, and we are getting a 2016 in today as well. So if the 2012 isn’t what you want you may want to have a look at this one.

Are you looking for the best overall price on the Explorer or are you referring to the best deal  in terms of payments? Also, I need to know if you are trading in a vehicle, putting money down, or if there is a credit issue we need to work with. Once I have this information I can provide you with a more detailed payment deal or price for the vehicle.

I’ll call you in around 11:30am to go over the options and to make sure you received this email.

John Snow
Contact Information

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