Business Follow Up Prospecting Letter

Hand ShakeA follow up letter is something that can be over-thought, because usually the writer of the letter really wants all the main selling points to be summarized in the letter so that you can close the deal in the letter. Which almost never happens.

So keep it simple when you write your follow up letter after an appointment.

Here is an example of a sample follow up in regards to a business meeting a phone system representative had with a prospective client recently:

Dear (name),

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me on (date). I appreciated the opportunity to discuss your current phone system and present the benefits of changing to a system with increased flexibility and features that are more relevant to your business purposes.

Communication systems do not need to be complex. They are not useful if they are difficult to operate. However, they must be able to incorporate the highest technology available, as well as the proper functionality that allows both internal and external communications to be easily managed.

At (company name) we know that each business is unique, and that phone systems and their setups needs to be flexible and dynamic. As a company’s needs change, a system must have the capability to change as well.

We are confident that our product has that flexibility and offers every feature necessary to communicate quickly and effectively to internal and external stakeholders and customers. We offer seamless installation and integration, easy and helpful training, quick and reliable upgrading and maintenance. In addition, as I mentioned in our conversation, our costs are reasonable and competitive.
Again, I appreciated your time and interest and look forward to further discussion. If you have any questions or additional thoughts, please do not hesitate to call me.



Here Is A Business Meeting Follow Letter For A Webmaster or Local Marketing Consultant:

Dear (Name),

Several weeks ago we reached out to you with an overview of our webhost services. We know that you are busy and are respectful your time, so this letter will be very brief.

It is clear that the Internet is becoming the number one source of information in today’s technical-savvy culture. Having a professionally designed and hosted website is critical. A business stands the chance of being completely unnoticed if it does not invest in a high-quality website.

Business websites not only need to be attractive; they need to be functional, easily navigated, informative, interactive and customer-focused. They also require skillful search engine optimization in order attract a substantial segment of the target market.

Whether you are launching a new site or upgrading an existing one, we know that you face many decisions when it comes to selecting web-designers and webhosts. (Name of company) is an expert in all aspects of website design, hosting and sustained management. No other company can equal the individualized attention and customization that we offer. Our prices are competitive; our staff is exceptionally skilled; we use the highest caliber of technology; and we understand how important your business is to you.

If you are interested in learning more about (Name of company) and our website-related services, give us a call at (phone number) or (email address).

We hope to hear from you soon and wish you the very best in the success of your business.


Your Name

Follow up marketing is not rocket science, but there is a little trick to it. Some call it a secret because almost nobody does it: Do a sequence of follow up marketing letters to each and ever prospect you meet with or talk with on the phone (or email). Send a letter or a postcard every month or two (direct mail).

In business and in life, things happen that change your prospects course of action and mindset. So if you are there when this occurs (with a letter or postcard), you will get their business and not your competition.

I recently just sent a similar letter and got a deal from a contractor that I thought was blowing me off a year ago. If I didn’t have a systematized follow up strategy I would not have gotten his business.

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