Airbrush Tanning Salon Letter!

Here is a series of airbrush tanning salon letter samples you can model for your business.

If you want to buy this letter and many more marketing letters and email sales letters for a salon or spa you can get them here. 

How To Get 50% Off Your First Custom Airbrush Tan!

Dear Name,

Hi! I am the owner of [Name Of Salon], and I would like to invite you to try a our new custom airbrush tanning service to get that “golden glow” you always wanted.

The airbrush process is quick and easy, producing amazing, natural looking results that our clients rave about. It can be applied to produce the exact shade you want. For example:

  • Testimonial
  • Testimonial
  • Testimonial
  • Testimonial

Perhaps you have used other tanning processes in the past. These usually work well and can produce a nice result. The airbrush tanning process we are using, however, represents the best system available. The application equipment is carefully engineered to work with the top-quality, industry-best spray tan solution.

When used by our trained technicians, the results are superb. It is completely safe, applied at low pressure and will not harm the skin in any way. The solution is applied in a fine solution, precisely and with perfect adhesion.

It is quiet, comfortable, done in a well-ventilated room and done with complete privacy for you.

Please come in and let [Name of Salon] change your appearance in a way that you will love! We’re offering a special price of half-off on your first session. Just bring this letter with you and we will give you a special half-off on your first session.

We assure you that you will be delighted with the “new you” and will consider this your personal salon in the future.

Your Name and Business Name

P..S.: Here are some before and after pictures to show you how well our custom airbrush method works…

Before and After Pictures Here.

P.P. S.: This special half-off offer expires [DATE] so please call to book your appointment. Walk-ins are welcome too!

Additional Ad Copy To Consider:

Further information on airbrush tanning along with a demonstration video is available for you online at [Facebook or Website]. Give us a call and let us answer any questions you may have. Consider how great you will look with that golden tan.

Note: I recommend that you include your picture on the left hand side with a caption, next to the headline, or just below it. 

My wife and I owned a chain of tanning and spa businesses (three in total at one time). We used all kinds of direct response marketing techniques. If our ideas are of interest to you and you need a consultant or a marketing strategy let us know.

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