brian maroevichAmazing Prospecting Letters is a website that was created by me, Brian Maroevich, to help business owners and sales professionals understand how to craft effective marketing letters for better (and easier) prospecting and lead generation.

A brief description of my marketing background: I have been marketing online and offline for over 20 years. I run my own niche websites and sell both hard good, downloads, and advertising which generates consistent cash flow month after month.

I have consulted with and written advertising copy for several business as well. Also, my wife owned and operated two brick and mortar retail businesses (tanning and spa services) for ten years. We sold these businesses in 2015.

In other words I have a great deal of experience spending thousands of my own hard earned dollars on marketing techniques to help us grow our businesses and maintain a quality standard of life. And effective marketing and prospecting is the key to all of it. Without good marketing you are not going to get in front of the decision makers, generate qualified leads, or attract new customers in the door.

If you want to grow your business using sales letters, postcards, and online and offline marketing techniques, including social media, then Amazing Prospecting Letters is going to guide you in the right direction.

So be sure to get on my list because I am adding new sales letter examples, case studies, and little known techniques monthly (sometimes bi-weekly).

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  1. Hey Brian: Saw at onetime you were affiliated with insurance leads advisors and had an annuity sales letter online for $17. Can you send me a link to that letter which I will pay for online. Thanks Ed

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