Dentist Marketing Letter

Dentist Marketing Letter Sample:

Below is a sales letter for Dentists. It is a general introductory letter that requires a little formatting, and other cosmetic details including a picture, headline, and PS. You should also include a more solid offer with a deadline… Continue reading Dentist Marketing Letter

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Dentist Reactivation Letter

A dentist reactivation letter is one technique amongst many that a Dentist needs to use in order to compete in their local area. Dental marketing is a job that requires lots of attention, even a full time staffer to perform because there’s only so many families who need or want dental care, and an ever growing number of dental offices.

He who markets best and most often will be rewarded.

There are many ways to get new patients and referrals, but one of the easiest sources of new business is marketing to clients who stopped coming to your practice. This letter is a basic dentist reactivation letter that you can model for your marketing. It need a little touching up and maybe even better ad copy.

Sample Dentist Reactivation Letter:

Dear (Name),

Strong healthy teeth are important! They are not only instrumental in processing our food so that our bodies can be nourished, but they are also essential to a great smile. Smiles!

No matter what your age is, smiles light up your surroundings. They signal our pleasure; they are an invitation to conversations; they sweeten relationships.

Sometimes we are so busy, that we forget to take care of our teeth. Teeth that are not healthy can lead to other health problems and, if you begin to hide that smile, they can affect your self-esteem.

Just as importantly, neglected teeth can be costly when problems do occur.

At (Name of dental practice) we feel that prevention is the key ingredient to healthy teeth. Practicing dental hygiene at home and going to routine dental check-ups can bring life-long dental health.

We have noticed that you have not maintained your regularly scheduled dental check-ups. These are complex times that have many demands on our time, and when things are going well, we understand that sometimes our clients postpone routine dental care.

As an incentive to bring you back to us, we are offering a free dental check-up and teeth whitening. It will be our investment in your dental health and your smile.

Your patronage is important to us, so we also welcome your feedback related to our service. Your satisfaction and your health are our ultimate goals. Give us a call! We look forward to hearing from you!



The best way to use a Dentist reactivation letter like this is to go back to your files and/or your data base and make a list if clients who stopped coming. Get as many names, addresses, and phone numbers as possible.

Send this list to a mail shop and verify it and clean it up. When they are done the list will be smaller.

Mail your Dentist reactivation letter to your list, and then follow up two or three more times with a follow up letter or postcard.

Put everyone on this list, and everyone on your current active client list and your prospect list (if you don’t’ have one you are crazy), and send a monthly newsletter.

This reactivation letter and newsletter idea alone will help you grow your practice. It may even double it in the next year. Just be sure your dentist newsletter is a quality ‘fun’ newsletter. Not a boring one. For more tips get on my mailing list (above right, or click the navigation buttons on the top).

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Web Designer Sales Letter

In a moment I am going to show you a web designer sales letter. But first, if you are a local internet marketer looking for local small business clients, there are a plethora of webmaster marketing strategies you can implement including:

  • Pay Per Click
  • Local SEO
  • Video
  • Social Media
  • And my favorite method: Direct Mail.

If you are looking for a sample webmaster marketing letter this is a good starting point because it’s professional, but not too boring.

However, it’s missing a few things which I describe at the end… Continue reading Web Designer Sales Letter

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We Miss You Letter!

A We Miss You business letter is an absolutely powerful and effective way to get old retail customers who haven’t been in your store for a while to come back.

This is a strategy that very few retail stores and businesses use, but it’s crucial to your success! If we did not use this technique we would be missing out on thousands of dollars per year.

Look, the fact is people get busy and forget about you. And even if you contact them every month with a newsletter (and you should), some people respond to different things.

Try this ‘We Miss You’ sales letter strategy today:

Step 1: Get a list of customers who have not visited your store anywhere from 3 months to a year or more.

Step 2: Create an Offer. Make it good! Don’t make them jump through hoops. Offer a discount and a free gift (or mystery gift). You can buy real cheap cool gifts from all types of vendors online (let me know if you need help with this).

Step 3: Mail your letter (or postcard. We use a postcard and it works great. But use a GIANT postcard to make it stand out. Don’t get wimpy and cheap here – use color). Continue reading We Miss You Letter!

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HVAC Marketing Letter!

This HVAC marketing letter is designed to be sent to residential home owners in your surrounding area. It is a general letter that will give you exposure and awareness in many areas of your business.

It needs some work. For example it needs a little formatting, a good headline, a trusting picture of yourself, a PS at the end, and of course your signature. There should also be a deadline date.

It’s a good sample HVAC sales letter. But do you want to know how to make it better? Continue reading HVAC Marketing Letter!

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Plumbing Contractor Marketing Letter

If you want to see a professional plumbing contractor letter that will help you get more plumbing clients and contracts, this letter is a good start in the right direction.

This marketing letter needs a little work. It will need a little lipstick:

  • Your picture: A trusting pictures can dramatically boos response rates. It doesn’t matter if you are a little ugly. But if you look trusting, you are golden.
  • Real signature: A fake signature will decrease response rates. People are smart. But the good news is that you can get real handwriting fonts that fake it so well they will never know. Or you can simply have your signature digitized and printed in color.
  • PS: Did you know that about 70% of people reading letters read the PS first? This is where you right something compelling.
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Carpet Cleaner Marketing Letter

There’s a lot of competition in the carpet cleaner niche. And you know that you have to have good carpet cleaning marketing to get the attention of a prospect who wants or is in need of a cleaning.

It’s not about your equipment, and whether you have the best truck mount or eco-friendly treatments.

It’s about getting the attention of your prospect, getting the to make a call, setting the appointment, closing the sale, and then…and here’s where 99% of carpet cleaners fail…follow up! That’s a whole other subject but here’s what you need to know…

Yes, that’s right. You have to follow up with all of your clients and prospects at least once per month. If you do this you will have more success than you thought possible.

And you don’t even have to do it well.

It helps a great deal to do your marketing well, but even if you suck at writing ad copy or letters, and you just ‘do it’ you’ll have much more success than you are having now.

With that said here is a sample generic carpet cleaner marketing letter you can model. What’s missing is the personalization, a headline, your picture, and a PS. All of these things are important. If you need assistance with it, let me know 🙂

Sample Carpeting Cleaning Marketing Letter:

Dear Name,

If you have an active household, most likely your carpeting gets a lot of traffic. Daily household use, weekend entertaining, pets, children…are all signs of a happy, bustling home, but without taking care of your floor coverings, your home will soon lose its fresh appearance.

Weekly vacuuming is great, but only professional cleaning can remove the stains and particles that cause premature aging. Only professional cleaning can restore a carpet to its original loveliness.

We know that you have many choices when it comes to selecting a professional carpet cleaning service and that you expect the best. (Name of Company) will not settle for anything less than perfection. Serving the (name of area), we use advanced cleaning technology and products that are not only highly effective but are also green and eco-sensitive.

Our professional certified technicians treat each job with customized care. They know that there are many different kinds of fibers and many different types of soil and stains, and they know how to treat them all. With our 100% guaranteed satisfaction policy, you can feel confident that your carpets will be handled with care.

In addition to advanced technology and eco-sensitive products and methods, we offer:

  • Optional same day service
  • Less than a two-hour drying time
  • A dry foam extraction method that uses no steam, resulting in mildew-free results
  • Stain removal
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Products that are safe for children and pets
  • Experienced, certified professionals

Don’t let your carpets detract from the appearance of your home. Call (Name of Company) today at (phone #) for a complimentary consultation. Your satisfaction is the benchmark of our success!

Your Name

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Furniture Store Sales Letter Example!

Below is a sales letter that a furniture store could use to sell it’s reclaimed wood furniture, or you could simply edit it to sell regular furniture (if you want the actual sales letter please let us know). Notice how we use ‘Reason Why’ copywriting: Continue reading Furniture Store Sales Letter Example!

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The Million Dollar Bill Sales Letter!

Many moons ago, Robert Collier created the first dollar bill letter. And he used it during the 1920’s! Yes, that’s right. During the 1920’s he attached a dollar bill to thousands for sales letters which were marketing a non-profit organization.

In the 1920’s, a dollar was worth a little more then $11. So including printing and postage he spent, in today’s dollars approximately $11.50 per letter.

Astounding. But he got a 90% response rate so it was a massive success.
Read more about Robert Collier here.

Today, using a dollar bill on a letters is still expensive, especially since response rates just aren’t as good as they were centuries ago…

Click here for an example of a ‘Million Dollar Bill Real Estate Prospecting Letter’.

So, what do you do? How do you increase response rates to your sales letters without spending a fortune? The answer is to use high impact ‘grabbers’ like a million dollar bill! Continue reading The Million Dollar Bill Sales Letter!

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The Dollar Bill Letter!

The original one dollar bill marketing letter was written by Robert Collier, and in his must read (and study like a maniac over and over) he claims that he got a 90% return rate for a charity sales letter.

Since that time a handful of marketers copied his idea to market local businesses, and products and services of all kinds.

The most recent examples I’ve seen using a dollar bill sales letter is for selling local webmaster services, carpet cleaning, financial planning, and now construction. I even saw a book at a local bookstore enclosing a dollar bill in the cover of their book which was about how to fold a dollar bill into all kinds of cool things (Origami).

I am sure there are dozens of other industries using it as well.

A Sample One Dollar Bill Marketing Letter For A Contractor or Construction Company: Continue reading The Dollar Bill Letter!

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