Postcard Marketing System

An old school postcard marketing system that still works today is to Sequence Your Postcards:

An effective strategy to squeeze out every possible prospect from your list is to sequence your postcards 7-10 days apart for the first 3 or 4. The second through fourth postcards should have ***SECOND NOTICE!***, ***THIRD NOTICE!***, and ***Urgent FINAL NOTICE!*** blazing above the headline.

The ideas is to sequence all your mailings at least 3 times 7-10 days apart to get maximum response. Do not send out one postcard and wait for the phone to ring. You must have a three-postcard sequence minimum to complete the sequence (and to finish up the “test”, more on this…)

Finish the sequence and measure response. Then all non-responders stay on your mailing list for twelve months. Mail them every month.

Side Bar: Make sure you read the postcard marketing adjustments at the bottom

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