Computer Repair Sales Letter!

A few years ago I did a search for a computer repair business in my area because my computer crashed. I didn’t want to go through Best Buy’s Computer Geek Squad because I don’t like their customer service, so I thought I’d give a local business a try.

I did find one and they fixed my problem. I needed them a gain a few years later and they were out of business.

I thought it was a shame because I know there are many ways a small computer repair company can compete with the big companies like Geek Squad. Sadly I find that small business owners and employees don’t understand the concept of marketing and lead generation.

Many of them believe that if they work hard and do a good job the business will snowball over time and they will thrive. But that is not the case.

You can’t wait for people to come to you. You have to get your marketing message in front of the right people who need your help now or potentially in the future. Continue reading Computer Repair Sales Letter!

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IT Sales Letter Template!

What is a good IT sales letter? If you ask IT professionals what they would like to see in a sales letter it would probably be something in the order or, “It should convey who we are and what we have to offer other businesses in a professional non-pushy manner”.

Nobody wants to look like a pushy salesperson, and you certainly don’t want to ruin your reputation. So what you have to do is write an IT sales letter that hits the hot buttons or your prospective client.

Ask yourself who your target audience is? Who is actually going to get the letter and read it. You don’t want an assistant to read it because they might just throw it away. You want your decision maker to get the letter, open it, read it and respond.

So before you even mail your letter you have to make sure you have the correct address and name of the person you want to mail it to. Oh, and maybe you shouldn’t mail it. Read this important report before you do anything.

After you accomplish all the dirty work of getting your list together and deciding upon the delivery method and how your will follow up, and how often, here is a sample IT sales letter example you can model for your IT business (it needs a little work but it should give you a foundation upon which you can improve it): Continue reading IT Sales Letter Template!

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