Seasonal Email Letter Campaigns For Retail Marketing!

Let’s discus how to use seasonal email letter campaigns to build demand for your retail sale or event.

A sequence of email marketing letters can work like gang busters. But they will work even better if you combine them with direct mail and text message marketing.

What we did successfully in our business for years was send out at least one postcard or a sales letter  (usually a sequence of two and three) to our clients informing them of a sale we were having. Every sales was themed around a season, holiday, or an event.

We sent out a sequence of 4 email marketing letters in addition to a postcard or direct mail sales letter. Everything was timed to hit all of our customers starting two or three weeks out. We sent up to five emails which where spread anywhere from 3-7 days apart.  The final email was always sent on the day of the sale or event.

We also included a text message marketing sequence as well. This way we hit every customer or client on our list up to three different ways at different times and days. This is important because you never know which type of contact is the one that is going to drive your customers to your sale.

Seasonal Email Marketing Sequence Example: Easter!


Email #1:

  • Sent Wednesday at 11am Pacific Time.
  • Subject Line: Spring Savings [fname]– 25.59% Off!Hi (Name)!Hop Hop…Spring Into Savings This Easter At Name Of Business! (Or, Spring Into Savings: 25.59% Off Any Spa Treatment or Sunless Tanning Package!)

Expires April 21st 2021.

Happy Spring! Don’t you just love Spring. Everything comes to life, people seem to smile a little bit more than usual, and best of all we get to wear new clothes…

And that also means (connect spring with something you are offering) you get to show more skin to, and you want the best looking skin possible, right?

Our spa treatments and sunless tanning packages are just what the bunny ordered, and if you use this coupon on or before the deadline date you can get 25.59% off!

Have a great day (Name).

See you at egg rolling contest 🙂

Your Name

Email #2:

  • Sent 7-10 days after the first email.
  • Subject Line: Did you see this guy at our salon [fname] [Picture in email]!

You see this guy? He was sent by the Easter Bunny to look for you. He’s wondering why you didn’t show up to our salon and use the coupon!

He sent a buy dressed in a bunny suit because, well he had to outsource the job since all the other bunnies are busy at Easter parties and gatherings, or their just painting eggs.

Anyway, click here to get your coupon. You’ll get 25.59% off!

Expires April 21st 2021

Happy Spring (Name),
Your Name

Email #3:

  • Sent the day before the deadline date.
  • Subject Line: 25.59% Discount Ending (Name),

Just an FYI… your coupon is about to expire! Click here to get your Spring Into Savings Coupon. It’s expiring tomorrow.

Your Name

Your Business

PS: Feel free to pass this coupon along your friends if you are too busy to use it ☺

Email #4:

  • Sent 9 am Pacific Time on the day of the sale.
  • Subject Line: Last Chance (Name)!

Hey there (Name)!

Today is the day to use your coupon if you haven’t already, because it’s expiring and I wouldn’t want you to miss out on all savings…%25.59 to be exact (on any sunless tanning or spa treatment package).

See you soon☺
Your Name

 Basic Marketing Sequence.

  • Step 1: Mail the postcard to all your customers (or a select segment)
  • Step 2: Put flyers up in your business plus other themed banners and displays.
  • Step 3: Send an email with the same theme as the postcard.
  • Step 4: Send a follow up deadline email to your customers 2-4 days before the deadline.
  • Step 5: Send a follow up deadline email on the day of the deadline.

Alternative Seasonal Email Marketing Sequence Example #2!

Weekend Event Email #1.

  • Sent Monday.
  • Subject: (Name), Spring Savings Coming

Hi [Name],

Spring is on the Horizon. And to help celebrate Spring, I’ve decided to hold a “Spring Into Savings” celebration — Friday through Sunday — where you will save at least xx% on our Spa services and products!

So, keep a look out for an email from me which will signal the start of my big “Spring Into Savings” sale and get ready for some enormous savings.

My Very Best To You,
[Your Name]

P.S. Spring is one of the best times of the year because it signifies new life. But it also is a time to show some skin, so what better time to take advantage of my “Spring Into Savings” event and get your skin looking and feeling your best, right?

Weekend Holiday E-Mail #3.

  • Sent on Friday.
  • Subject: (Name) , Spring savings start now

Hi [Name],

Our “Spring Into Savings” even is this weekend – it’s finally here! At this weekend sale you will save up to xx% on some of our most popular Spa services and products.

The sale only lasts until [time] on [date] — so don’t delay.

This is a great opportunity to get some of our best selling Spa services at a big discount.

My Very Best To You,

[Your Name]

P.S. Remember, the “Spring Into Savings” sale ends at [time] on [date] . So claim your xx% savings now and run on over here!

Weekend Event E-Mail #2.

  • Sent on Saturday.
  • Subject: [fname], Spring savings ends tomorrow

Hi [Name],

You still have some time to save up to xx% on some of our most popular Spa services and products as part of my “Spring Into Savings” weekend event.
However, the sale ends tomorrow at [time] .

So hustle on over here and claim your savings!

This is a great opportunity to grab some of our most popular Spa services and products at big savings — all to help you look and feel like a better YOU.

My Very Best To You,

[Your Name]

P.S. The sales ends tomorrow night — [date] — at [time]. Don’t miss out on your xx% savings. Grab a friend and hustle – before it’s too late or you forget!

Weekend Event E-Mail #4 —

  • Sent on Sunday morning.
  • Subject: [fname], Spring savings — just 18 hours to go

Hi [Name],

As you know, Spring it here and it’s time to show off some skin. More than usual anyway. And to celebrate Spring I am having a “Spring Into Savings” event this weekend. And it’s been a lot of fun so far.

Our clients are enjoying the horsderves and trying out some of our new Spa products (like the [name of product], which is amazing). But most of all they are enjoying the savings!

So far our clients have saved a total of [$xx.xx]!

So come over today – get into your car, grab a friend, and get on over here before it ends today at [time].

My Very Best To You,
[Your Name]

P.S. Remember, my “Spring Into Savings” celebration ends at [time] tonight. So there still some time to make it over to [Name of Business] to save up to xx% on some of our most popular Spa services and products.

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