Realtor Referral Request Letter!

Referrals are the lifeblood of any real estate agents career. Without them you will always be spending time chasing a new client.

Sometimes you need to poke your current clients with a letter to remind them that you are there to help them or anyone of their friends or family that you can help them find property, a home, or even relocate.

Referral Request Letter Sample For Real Estate Agents.

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Dear (Name),

It’s been a tremendous pleasure serving as your realtor these past few months! I’m delighted that your real estate goals are being met and that everything is moving forward in a positive direction.

I’m just checking in to make sure that you don’t have any questions that we haven’t covered so far. I realize that real estate decisions can be complicated and that the procedures involved can seem daunting. I hope that I have been able to give you peace of mind during this process.

Please know that you can call me any time about any concerns that you might have – both now and in the future. Our door is always open to our clients – both during current real estate transactions and long after they have been completed.

Many of my customers have come to me because of referrals, and I hope that you will consider passing my name to on to your friends or colleagues who may be thinking about selling their homes or purchasing another.

The one thing I love about referrals is that it creates a network of clients that translate into a community that is well-served by (Name of Company), a real estate agency that genuinely cares about their dreams.

Thank you for your trust in me. I am delighted that my efforts have helped you work through your real estate goals and all the transactions involved.

I hope that I will continue to be your ‘go to’ realtor for years to come.


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