Real Estate Photography Jobs Sales Letter Sample!

There are many ways to attract new photography clients to your business. Using a photographer sales letter is one of them.

I am a photographer and videographer myself. I have been around amateur and professional photographers for quite some time now and I can safely say that most photographers are terrible at marketing.

Most believe that using marketing material that uses salesmanship to attract new clients is beneath them. They are like many artists and college graduates who believe that if you create great art and you keep your work in front of prospects they eventually buy your stuff.

There is some truth to that. But if you want to attract new clients faster rather than crossing your fingers because you took some great photos lately you need to get out there and promote your services to potential clients.

Marketing To Real Estate Agents Using A Photographer Sales Letter!

Recipients Name
Recipients street address
City, State, Zip

Dear (Name),

As a real estate agent, you understand the importance of quality photographs in attracting potential buyers for a home on your listing.

Real estate is a highly competitive market, and online photos are often the first impression most buyers have of a house. Did you know…

  • It is estimated that 95 per cent of home buyers search online to screen home possibilities, and an unprofessional image does not reflect well on the home or on your business.
  • It is estimated that homes photographed by a professional with professional equipment attract over 60 per cent more views than homes photographer or filmed with a camera phone. This is even more true in the luxury home market.

My name is (Name). I am a professional photographer who specializes in showcasing homes through digital photographs and video in the (location) area.

My pictures are ready to upload the same day I take them. The process is quick; it is easy; and the results are nothing less than spectacular.

I am writing to you to ask that you consider using my services to photograph the homes that you are currently featuring.

My prices are reasonable and the return on investment is well worth it. Please take a few minutes to review my portfolio at (web link).

I would love to speak with you personally about my special packages for real estate photography and can be reached at (phone #).

This may be one of the most important calls you will ever make. I look forward to hearing from you.

Name Of Construction Company
XXX Street
City, State ZIP
Website | Email
Phone | Fax

PS: I guarantee my work. If you don’t think my photography is up to your standards you can keep the photos for your listing and you don’t have to pay me a dime!

Do you want this letter to really work well? Provide a special coupon offer that entitles the real estate agent to get a real estate photography job from you for free.

I am sure some photographers would balk at that idea but what you are doing is building a business. And in order to do that you have to get a stream of new clients in the door by giving them an exceptional offer and then providing a service they will find valuable in the long run. Many of them will feel obligated to use you for the next listing, and several more will refer other agents to you.

A free photography session is a great way to get a lot of new business fast.

It’s called a ‘loss leader’. Super markets use this trick every day. They offer something for free (or at a very low price) to get people to come to the super market because they know that the mass majority of people who come as a result of the free offer or deep discount will buy several other items at regular price over and over again.

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