Probate Prospecting Letter To Executor!

Generating real estate leads in the probate niche is requires you to target the right person in charge of the estate and/or estate plan with a prospecting letter. If you target the wrong person it will not be as effective. Usually the person you want to target is the Executor of the state.

You can buy a list of probate properties from several sources online. If that interests you let me know by using the contact form.

After you get the list create a probate prospecting letter and mail it. After a week mail another follow up letter.

If you don’t get a response keep them on your list and use your print newsletter as a tool to keep in contact with them. Eventually over time I am confident you will generate a lead to two from this small targeted list.

For more tips please read the ideas and techniques below this sample probate prospecting letter.

Dear (Name),

Please accept our heartfelt condolences for your recent loss. We hope that you and your family will find comfort in the memories you hold close, although that may seem difficult to absorb right now.

My name is (Name) a local real estate agent representing (Name of Real-estate Firm). I know that this is an especially difficult time for you. You are most likely faced with making decisions at a time when you are coming to terms with the loss of a loved one.

One of these decisions may involve making arrangements regarding the home at (address). I would like to offer my assistance for this process when the time is right. I am familiar with the current market and believe that, with my help, you will have peace of mind that the transaction will be in your best interest.

I have built solid relationships with my clients for (XX) years and am known for my integrity and dedication to making real estate transactions as seamless as possible.

I pride myself on my ability to provide straightforward information to my clients each step of the way.

Every detail of a real estate transaction is important, and because I am able to identify potential pitfalls, my clients are able to address them before they become an issue.

I am their ‘rock’ – and they know, without a doubt, that I am always there for them.

If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to call me at (phone #) or email me at (email address). I hope that you will take advantage of my offer and look forward to hearing from you.



Additional Probate Lead Generation Tips!

  1. Create a special report on subjects related to probate real estate and how to manage the process successfully. This report will establish you as the expert in this area. Choose one of the following:
  • Send this report in a nice manilla envelope to your list.
  • Use it as lead generator and offer it to your list.

2. Create a seminar and team up an estate planning lawyer or advisor and mail an invite to your list.


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