Home Staging Letter!

Targeting real estate agents with a home staging letter is one of several marketing systems you should have in place for your home staging business.

You can get a list of real estate agents in minutes from dozens of list companies online, including infousa.com.

Send a quality home staging sales letter to all or just the top agents in your market area.

You should include a promotional item (with your information printed on them) in your envelope. Or a day or two after your letter hits the mailboxes of your targeted list of agents, hit pavement and drop off a bunch of quality promotional items at their office.

Home Staging Letter Sample!

Dear (Name),

As a realtor, you understand the importance of first impressions. When you take clients to see a house on your listing, you know that as soon as they walk through the front door, they are already making an initial assessment – whether this house is right for them is based on the ambience that is created by enhancements such as furniture placement, lighting, and ‘move in’ appearance – or the lack of. This is equally true when they look at pictures on your website – there is either an emotional connection – or there is not.

At (Name of Business), our home staging professionals know how to make home sales faster and more profitable. We have an impeccable sense of furniture placement, accessories and how to show a home as if it is a work of art. We will enhance a home’s best features and minimize those that are less desirable.

We are different than interior designers. An interior designer is trained to communicate the owner’s individuality and uniqueness through his/her home décor. In contrast, a home stager is trained to do the opposite. We ‘neutralize’ the home so that it has a broad appeal – yet we still manage to accomplish that amazing ‘wow’ effect!

Putting a house on the market without staging typically results in it either languishing on the market or being sold at a reduced price. This is just as true for unfurnished houses. There is no doubt that professional staging sells a house more quickly at a better price.

Call us at (phone #) to schedule an introductory consultation. We look forward to meeting you and having the opportunity to change the trajectory of your sales!


Like I mentioned above, you need to have a marketing system in place. Don’t send one letter and hope you get a call.

You have to make contact once per week for three or four weeks initially. After these first contacts you should send something to them every month for as long as your are in business or for at least a year or two. A print newsletter is ideal.

Image how much business you get over the next two or three years if you follow a simple system like this:

  1. Send a sales letter to your list of real estate agents. Include a refrigerator magnet or a pen with your information on it.
  2. Go the offices of your targeted agents a few days after your letter hits their mailboxes and drop off a bunch of notepads or calendars or something with your information printed on them. Choose something that will have a long shelf life in the office (coffee mugs, paper weights, water bottles, etc.).
  3. Send a second letter two weeks later and refer to the first letter as well as the promotional item you sent. Include another handy promotional item.
  4. Send flavored popcorn with a note enclosed to the offices of your targeted real estate agents.
  5. Send a quality direct response marketing postcard two weeks later.
  6. Follow up on the phone.
  7. Send a print newsletter with fun, interesting, and helpful information to your targeted list every month thereafter.
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